Hackatron S5 Submission Starts Today 🔥

Hello #tronics, our 5 months journey starts today. I saw a tweet yesterday which says submission start today, personally I think such information should have come early but no worries there’s more time for this #HackaTron (6th July-30th Nov).

Get your coding books ready​:fire::fire:

There are two new tracks:

:fire: artistry

:fire: ai

Let’s see what these new tracks bring on board.

I hope we the community are ready and the participants are also getting ready.

All the best :pray:

Let’s do this together :handshake:

@Gordian @Nweke-nature1.com @Youngyuppie @HODL @StevenTRON @antonio and all :pray:


Good Day to start this day and this month

The waits is over
The session is here.

Got eyes on the 2 new added track
For this session…

High hopes on AI ( as its trending )

Trust you ready to Engage.
I’m ready .

All the best to all that will be participating


yeah always ready

Eager to see what the new tracks add to our ecosystem


We are ready for the new season ! Looking forward to checkout all the great projects that will contribute to the BitTorrent & TRON ecosystem ! Also, I believe we don’t have GameFi, NFT & eco-friendly tracks this season. Instead two new tracks have been introduced AI & Artistry.


yeah yeah, the artistry will take care of #Gamfi and #Nft`


Submission has started and timeline is out too


Good layout that would favour all.
I believe the project owners are all geared up
Towards meeting up with dates

Not forgetting our previous projects of session 4.

Another chance to build again


yeah, especially those who were disqualified.

Submission is open for 3 months, a very good period to get things together

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Very good opportunity for all
Both previous winners
And non winners

The duration as usual is good enough to have a building project working.


Let’s go boys :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: it’s time


where have you been bro?

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very good one…

we have to check on S4 winners too…apart from the builder’s track winners, any update from the rest?

Been chilling bro, I really want to participate this time but am in the USA now.

oh nice bro. Enjoy life

I guess you made mistake
Do you mean the rest of the S4 winners
Aside from the builders track?

Some doing with update for us.
But I read some like
Wine vault… Correction if I’m wrong

Their telegram account is as it was before!

sure bro, thanks

oh that’s cool

We ARE BACK! :eyes:

This will be enough time for us now!

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let’s go

all the best

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Good to have the HackaTRON back again though it’s a bit weird that the information came out so sudden like this but we’re ready to make this season one of the best. Got my :eyes: on ai and artistry

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