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Hello everyone,. I thought of having this topic, just be sharing our point of view and understanding for any daily crypto news shared here by any of us.

Also to enhance

  • Active involvement of users.

  • Share our opinions, ideas, views and others.

  • In general, keeping this forum active

I will start by sharing:-

Dogecoin flips Cardano $ADA becoming the 7th largest crypto in the world by market value.


It’s a nice idea, atleast we’ll be privy to what’s happening in the system.


Yes buddy, let get to level up with vtge latest
CRYPTO news feed here on this forum

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Love the idea mate! Im excited to hear your opinions about daily crypto :face_with_monocle:


Thank you Buddy.
I hope this goes a long way to get
The ACTIVE lively engagement there

Together we learn, share idea
Together we sTRON


Definitely!! Im gonna sign what you said ahahaha

Thanks for your sign up.

Quick question:-

  • Do you support the idea of Elon periodically
    Pumping the price of dogecoin?

Good idea buddy i can improve myself about crypto :100: :boom:

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Yesssss, please we should do that. But it s not a problem for admins right?

Hello Buddy
Welcome to Tron Dao forum
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4


Information reaching us from Justin Sun

:zap: UPDATES :zap:

Proposal voting for Stake 2.0 is now live! Super Representatives can cast their vote now.

The proposal will be activated by Friday. :tada:

If you’re an SR, you can vote here: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Season 4 of the TRON Hackathon event submission deadlines are soon. If you haven’t signed up already, be sure to do so before it’s too late.

You can sign up here: Hackathon | TRONDAO

More updates are coming soon. In the meantime, follow me on Twitter @justinsuntron. :rocket:


GM Tronics
News updates to share this day.
Former President Trump says “our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world standard.”

This leads me to the question

  • USD’s Fall = A New Opportunity for Crypto??

The USD’s long-standing dominance is facing significant challenges as its three main advantages are eroding. The US’s political and economic stability has weakened due to a series of misguided decisions, which have damaged the US dollar’s value and given competitors an advantage.

  • The Fed’s mishandling of inflation and poorly regulated banking system have also contributed to the USD’s decline.

  • Other countries have taken advantage of the US’s vulnerabilities by forming economic and political alliances, cutting oil production output, and using their own currencies for exchanges and bank reserves. As more countries move away from the USD, the global financial market is poised to shift toward a new era of economics, which could have significant implications.

Let’s review what happened with the US dollar and how the crypto market will be affected if it loses its #1 place in the world. ( An opportunity for Crypto?)

  • A loss of the US dollar’s reserve currency status could have both positive and negative implications for the cryptocurrency market.

  • On the positive side, cryptocurrencies could become more attractive as an alternative store of value.

  • Stablecoins backed by the USD could lose market share, leading to the development of Euro-backed or Yuan-backed stablecoins. Even inflation-pegged stablecoins can become a thing, as worldwide inflation will spike drastically when the USD loses its power and influence.

  • On the negative side, losing confidence in the USD could lead to a broader economic downturn, hurting the cryptocurrency market.

Increased regulatory scrutiny on cryptocurrencies could also be a possibility. The impact of such a loss is difficult to predict, but changes to the status quo can have far-reaching consequences.

  • One good thing,Bitcoin will have value. Crypto will live. So, go check your bags. You might want to stack them for now…

( Note:- Not financial adviser )


Good this be bad news for TRX?
@antonio @Pierrreee

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these futures and others, I do not go there. But I think Tron users have so many options to do futures. Binance and I think Huobi too

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Same with me
If I mistakenly click on future Trading …
I will have to exist and reboot my phone.

Yes we have alternative
Like you mentioned above


yh it is not good because users of okx will have to move to other exchanges if they want to do futures. But its not too bad because i think if they had a lot of people on okx using tron futures they wouldn’t have delist it. It means there are no or few people using that service

Additionally, I learnt that one of the reason that a coin could get delisted is when it underperforming in trading volume and others

just as I said, no or few users resulting low volumes

Happy birthday to our bitcoin founder.
What your opinion on that we know SATOSHI birthday
But we don’t know who he is
Or his identity??


big man’s birthday
happy birthday to him