dCloud: A Web3 Cloud Storage Mobile app

I think that this is a good idea!!

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Very insightful actually

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Thank you for the support!

Interesting project! Will follow up on this

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Thank you for your interest! =) We are working hard to build dCloud and serve our TRON/BTTC communities ;). If you haven’t vote yet a vote for us will help a lot to keep building :slight_smile:

I finally voted, good luck dCloud team :hugs:

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How will manage data privacy if data is tored on other people devices ?

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Thank you for your question @Toro ! No one will have your complete file besides you, every time you upload a file it is split in 30 different pieces and each one goes to a different host node, meaning they will only have an unrecognizable shard of your data. Since this is a common question and with a good reason I’ll make a LIVE video explaining how BTFS works step by step soon to clarify all doubts =)

that’s good project, user can use btfs.
good luck.

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Thank you! that’s the goal. Bringing BTFS to everyone’s hands and make it as easy as possible

Hello everyone! New dCloud is out!

Code name: Muttch

- minSDK lowered to 24
- BTFS binaries upadted to 2.1.1

Release v1.3.0 dCloud · simbadMarino/dCloud · GitHub


Hello everyone, we have updated the hackathon milestones and added some extra information of the project :slight_smile:

Our next milestones is very soon! We keep working hard for you!

Currently we are working hard to compile the first ever iOS compatible BTFS library, it’s becoming a true challenge (harder than expected) but if we don’t put our standards high enough we won’t reach the level we want to achieve :muscle:

Thank you for your continuous support on social media, telegram and Youtube!


Hello everyone, good news! We have achieved March 31st milestone a couple days before deadline :slight_smile:

Please take a look at new dCloud release!!

Release Notes:

Code name: Piter. AKA PiterSpain is a TRON & BitTorrent telegram Admin (demigod). He is the most respected and beloved Spaniard in the TRONverse. Usually a very kind & patient person but careful on breaking too much rules in his domains, he could ban the hell out of you with his hammer!

- SWAP service implemented as part of the Wallet manager (dev fee: 3.3 BTT per swap)
- Wallet GUI improved a bit
- Settings GUI improved a bit
- Added future features as hints in the GUI (BackUp Node Data, Data encryption, Auto renew storage contracts)
- Added the "Experimental" notice in the dBrowse tab to warn users on its usage, please remember the file list could be lost after a phone reset.

Peek 2022-03-29 00-27

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Hello community! As promised we are updating the app as soon as possible with each BTFS official release.

And now the Code name goes for @AbrahamS314 :wink:

As a side note I’m glad to inform the extended development team has been hired and is focusing right now on the React Native GUI. Requirements have been defined and shared with them to prioritize certain features development.


Hello everyone!
We are happy to announce the public presentation of dCloud v1.4.0 which comes with the following changes:

  • Intuitive File System UI
  • Improved Settings and theme (dark/light)
  • Splash Screen
  • dWeb demo
  • Import CID demo
  • PIN security integration

Please take a look at our video: dCloud v1.4.0 - YouTube
Github new branch (dCloud++): GitHub - simbadMarino/dCloud at dCloud++

This marks the completion of hackathon milestone of April 30th! :upside_down_face:

Additional news:

  • iOS go-btfs shared library is doing some good progress. So far the btfs init command has been successfully implemented but still need to review the btfs daemon execution and proper file system integration on iOS

Hello everyone!

We are glad to inform the completion of May 15th milestone!

  1. dCloud 1.4.0 is closed to be released (pending to add BTF 2.1.3 support), however latest commits were uploaded to GitHub: Wallet section completed · simbadMarino/dCloud@c94786a · GitHub
    Demo: dCloud 1.4.0 Wallet and Settings improved - YouTube

  2. BTFS porting to iOS is a reality now as shown in our social media: https://twitter.com/dCloudStorage/status/1524062517638705154?s=20&t=Ckqw7a6KmTJnZavCRVDkIw
    Source code is also available in our new repository: GitHub - simbadMarino/btfs-sharedLib: BTFS shared libraries implementation for iOS and Android


Hell community, judges, trondao admins!

We are pleased to inform that our final milestone was successfully reached!

We have released dCloud v1.5.0 which includes a iOS integrated released as well as the usual Android version.

We also released the shared library for iOS which can be used for any kind of projects who are interested on building on BTFS for mobile. :slight_smile:

App Store approval is in progress for iOS:

I’d like to thank everyone from the community for your warm support, also the trondao admins, organizers and judges!

It was an amazing journey to do this together with you :slight_smile:


Hello community!! Glad to be here again :slight_smile: .

We’ve been struggling to decide on how / if to apply for the S2 hackaton. Why?

  1. We still are pending to implement some key features to our mobile app which most likely won’t be noticed as Major improvements to our users/community/judges, even when there is a lot happening under the hood. This could bee seen as “not enough to be considered as vast improvements” to be eligible.
  2. If we go for a new project even if its related to dCloud it will delay our current features implementation we are working on under the hood for the mobile versions of dCloud. We must stick to mature dCloud to the point it is usable for iOS and Android and it can be downloaded /updated using mainstream channels (Google Play & App Store) as stated in our main focus for dCloud development in: https://www.cctechmx.org

Having said that we’ve been hearing our community feedback in regards of BTFS and dCloud, lots are asking for a simple to use web / straightforward way of uploading files even without installing anything. Even-tough our focus / expertise is not on the web development we understand how important is to have a web version of dCloud. We are calling it dCloud Web.
How are we planning to approach this?

We have 2 options on accomplishing a web version:

  1. The classic way: Centralized server / middleware website which runs a BTFS node and makes everything easier with the hidden cost of security and centralization. This is the most convenient of all but not fitting our values and/or expertise.
  2. dCloud Chrome plugin: Create a BTFS / dCloud plugin to manage your files and BTTC wallet using a web assembly (wasm) binary.

We are in the process of exploring the viability of option 2. If we determine this is possible in the short/mid term we will enter the hackathon, if not we will not due to the reasons explained above :slight_smile: .

We hope to have a definitive answer in a week period.

We appreciate your interest in our project and progress, even if we don’t join this hackathon we keep developing and working hard to make BTFS accessible for everyone :slight_smile:

Best Regards!

Interesting! I made a similar project during a chainlink hackthon except it was a desktop storage app.

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Nice!! Your skills would be useful on dCloud. Interested on contributing for dCloud? I already ported dCloud to Mac but windows/ Linux is pending… also the react native UI needs to be adjusted for desktop environment.

We would love to get some help with the desktop UI :slight_smile:

Take a look at: GitHub - simbadMarino/dCloud at dCloud++