dCloud testing & $BTT bug bounty program

Hello TRON & BTTC community!
dCloud needs your help to start testing and finding bugs for our recently released Android app.

But, first of all, what is dCloud?

Short answer: dCloud is a dropbox-like mobile app but using decentralized storage instead of centralized servers.

Detailed answer: dCloud is a Decentralized Cloud Solution (DCS) with a self contained BTFS full node to achieve server less renting and hosting of data. No gateways are needed to communicate to the BTFS network using dCloud.

Bounty program details

Starting today dCloud will start a more active/agressive plan to introduce the app to users, thus we need the support of testers around the globe to make sure the app actually fulfill its purpose.

Who can join?
Anyone with an android phone /tablet. No special or advance IT knowledge required.

What do I need to do as tester?
Download the latest dCloud release, install it and start using it as per the Github README documentation (We will update soon to reflect latest GUI updates)
If you encounter any difficulties or bugs during the app usage you need to create an Issue ticket at the Issue section in dCloud GitHub repo describing the problem as detailed as possible, if possible include screenshots of the problem or improvement you’ll like to have in dCloud.

Any kind of improvements identified or bugs are eligible to win a BTT (TRON) bounty price. Depending of the description quality and importance of the issue you will get a higher reward on BTT :slight_smile: , kindness and constructivism is also considered during the reward quantity decision :wink:

Rewards would come as low as 10000 BTT up to 1,000,000 depending on the above description. We are still a small team with no funding so we can’t go beyond than per ticket. Of course, the more you interact with us in the GitHub the more you earn :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face:

Below you can find dCloud features to start up your journey on decentralized storage!

Current features:

  • Fully compatible with official BTFS v2 dashboard.
  • Basic GUI to upload files to BTTC BTFS testnet (will upgrade to main net as soon as it’s launched)
  • BTTC Wallet Management
  • BTFS hosting
  • BTFS renting
  • Terminal interface for advanced users and debugging

Future features:

  • CID sharing and importing
  • Improved File browser GUI (true filesystem user experience)
  • IPNS support for files updates
  • Automatic BTFS daemon initialization and configuration
  • dWeb (BTFS web browser to visualize entire websites and its content hosted on BTFS)
  • iOS support
  • BTTC NFT/token as SW license (premium features will require a blockchain license to work)

Do not hesitate to ask any questions on this post and we will reply as soon as we can.

Come, test, enjoy, earn and be part of the future !!


Wow great job!
Most of the people don’t even know how cool this actually is!!!
Keep going :muscle:


Would love to see a video tutorial from you man, you are already the tutorial man on TRON :muscle:… BTT bounty for tutorial videos as well :face_with_monocle:… think about it lol


Cool stuff, learned something new today. Going to check into this more.


Whats the youtube account name would like to see more :+1:


This sounds like a useful community app. Is it possible to submit issues found or suggestions in this forum instead for those who are not into github?


I’ll take it, if you post your findings here I will take it as valid :slight_smile:


Great project, all very best


We don’t have a YouTube channel yet but will consider to create one if demand is enough :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!

Can’t wait to see this evolve. Great job so far & keep up the good work! :wink:


Just posted a video tutorial for those willing to participate in the bounty :slight_smile:


I’d like to participate in the bounty program, will let you know if I find something


Wish i was as computer savvy as all of you.
But im learning everyday…

All i will say is thank you to all the Developers on the @Tron and @BITTORRENT Network

Much love and respect for you folks. Hope to see all your projects Grow and Prosper on Tron blockchain for many years to come.

Keep up the good work

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Thank you for your kind words Tony! You don’t have to be a tech savvy to use dCloud fortunately, we want to make the app more user friendly. Hope it becomes easier and easier to use it :slight_smile: You can find our latest release here :



Здравствуйте, не могу скачать ваше приложение. Вот, что пишет:

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I wasn’t expecting to see this but now I’m excited to try it out. :smirk::grin:

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Hello ! Would you please translate to English?

Thank you for your interest! Happy to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

Yeah why not mate :+1:
Let me know whenever you need help.

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About to release a new release with makes dCloud UI now usable to upload files and pictures ;), hold on a few more days, I’m currently testing it