Developers Building in the HackaTRON | Take this into Consideration

Which type are you building for and which type is massive on TRON or BitTorrent chain?

I would say most users on TRON are “The Financial Refugee archetype” with USDT.

BitTorrent chain is “The Cryptonative” archetype.

This is important to know before you start building.


I’m going to add on here common hurdles for crypto adoption as well.


Gm Buddy, thank you for this building hints.
@constantinpricope201 check out


The archetypes you identified are a good starting point. Consider conducting user research or surveys to validate these assumptions and gather more specific data about user needs and preferences within each category on both TRON and BitTorrent Chain.

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When does this survey publish? I didn’t see in on forum. Was it on discord or telegram?

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This Web3 report is actually from Web3AUTH Its their 2023 UI/UX report that they conducted via survey.

I just added a TRON twist to it as the data on TRON shows significant USDT usage from emerging markets.


Thanks for guide @WindsOfChange92 :pray: