Do you know USWAP?

What is your experience with this DEX , think it will resuscitate?

And/or, do you think with the reputation that carries from past CEO and mods, will it be possible to revive it as a community or with the new person in front of it?

Saying it as an investor that will likely help so i can get my $15k invested which now are $128 :sweat_smile:


I have used it and optimistic it will be back and fully functional

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Scam all of Andreas Kartrud do is scam. Is waste of time. Do not put money in there


It is dead. After Andreas kind of jumped ship, there is no real leader to guide it.


Do we really need another Swap on Tron? SunSwap and JustMoney are all we need IMHO


i heard they scam so many investors and fake marketing

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It seems their former leader was a recurring scammer, so I doubt that they would revive at all.