Everything Made Simple by Pulsar Finance

I love this. Congrats guys

Check your tron portfolio :point_down::point_down::point_down:


This concept made easier
For portfolio management

This is lovely @pulsar finance.

I just tried the demo account

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Tokens listed on Just.money can be reflected there :fire:. It might not be automatic depending on the mcap.


nice one
@JustMoney team do not joke at all​:clap::clap:
keep building

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@fabsltsa i hope you are preparing
Builders track, that’s where we have our eyes on​:joy: It’s gonna be :fire::fire::fire:

Keep your eyes open during the next few weeks :eyes:

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:eyes::eyes::eyes: #LFG
Many old #tronics are waiting for that track

I’m ready and my eyes
On that track