Few more hours to the end of voting for season 6

It’s no more news that the voting for Tron hackathon season 6 will be ending today.

Are we expecting any drama or you feel the the voting stat’s would remain the same.

Share your thoughts in the replies


In previous seasons there have been some changes. What is going on with the current hackaTRON my friends? I have not been able check much in last few days. Do you suspect any bot activities? I will have a look in the forum today and report suspicious activities.


The votes seem more Organic.
I haven’t noticed any issues or complaints of bot voting.


No More Drama reminds me of that one Mary J Blige smash hit and single lol.


Checkout Integration track! U will see the bots

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No drama and I believe everything seems well from my observation.

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If you see bots don’t hesitate to report them :muscle:

This is the very point where I am feeling the people with small votes will start to panic and shout

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Interesting. I see at least 3 bots in my observation. Let’s see what happens on result day.

There is always a possibility of some drama towards the end of any voting period, especially in a competitive environment like a hackathon.
However, based on the voting statistics and trends leading up to the end of the voting period, it is likely that the final result will reflect the current standings.

Participants and supporters have had ample time to campaign and garner votes, so unless there is a significant last-minute push from one of the contestants, it is probable that the voting statistics will remain relatively stable.
Ultimately, the outcome will depend on the dedication and effort put forth by the participants and their supporters throughout the voting period.

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