Last day of Voting for hackathon season 5

We find ourselves on the cusp of the final day of voting, and as a first-time participant in the Tron Hackathon, this phase is nothing short of exhilarating and nerve-wracking in equal measure.

Hats off🫡 to all the incredible community members who’ve shown their unwavering support by casting their votes.

As the countdown continues, I must admit, there are a few concerns on my mind regarding the voting process and how some projects are clearly exploiting them, but I promise to share them with you all a bit later. Right now, let’s focus on the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm that this voting process has brought to the forefront. It’s a testament to the vibrant and dynamic community Tron has, and I couldn’t be prouder to now be a part of it. :rocket::muscle:

Let’s embrace these final moments of the hackathon voting process and eagerly anticipate what the future holds! :star2:


Glad to see there are many users aware of the problem I hope admins will notice and fix that problem as soon as possible too. On the other hand I share your excitement about the voting process friend. May the best ones win


Yeah!! Vote your favorite project guys💪🏼


I’m glad to hear that you are also excited
about the voting process and the potential
of the Tron community.

It is also important to have a fair and transparent voting system in place, so that
all projects have an equal chance of winning.


Is it already finished? I thought last day was today

No today is the last day, make sure you vote for your favs and save it. Sometimes when you renew the page you can see your votes are disappeared @Hiiiope


Are you ready??? I m very happy :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey all, we are approaching towards the final voting phase. Thanks to all for your support and kudos to all the projects who have built some great projects this season.

We have built TronAssistant during the hackathon phase and have recently launched a product dashboard as well for more accessibility. It would be great if you could take out a few mins to look at our project.

If you like it, please consider voting for us in the AI track #I7 TronAssistant | AI companion for developers on Tron

Thanks !!

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More updates coming within a few hours!!

IF you like our work you can vote for us here !


The excitement during voting is non comparable and in as much as we seek for free and fair voting process we can’t also ignore the fact that bad actors will try to rig every election whether in this hackathon or voting for the next president of a country.

But with the @admin.hackathon, @EMerchant and @WindsOfChange92 around you can always sleep in peace and be rest assured that all anomalies will be corrected before the results will be declared.

It will shock you that after the final release of results, someone who was first will become last and some who was last will take the first spot. It happens alot.

Only genuine votes will be considered all bots will be electrified or better still botrified if that is even a word. :rofl:

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Yes thats the only hope.
I see a lot of bot accounts created in past one week and bombarded the forum with tons of messages to get TL 1. But the major issue here is they have not just voted for one project rather multiple projects(including ours) to behave like normal accounts. So its gonna be extremely tough figuring out which accounts are actual forum members and which are here only to vote and get away.

If the team has followed the voting process they should have realised that most of the bots were created in September and voted massively for one project. Then new bots were added as that project was losing the first spot. So it’s pretty easy to spot the one. All those fake accounts have voted for several projects, but eventually, only one project is gathering so many fake votes.

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I think its about time those projects with fake votes are show the exit door. We cant continue to entertain such acts. The rules should be strict with it. And if possible owners of projects have to be given the opportunity to remove these fake votes as and when they get them.

Example if i am a project owner and i realised a vote is suspicious, i should be able to star that vote. It will not be visible to other project owners that u r staring fake votes.

At the end of everything those that looked unconcerned when they were getting fake votes are the culprits.

But i know its not possible :rofl::rofl:

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Maybe they have 20 fake accounts and will create 20 more that they will remove. So eventually they can say “it’s not us, we even have removed lot of those spam votes” :joy:

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Hahaha def possible.
But this problem definitely needs attention of the larger audience and the admins as well. I do understand that hackathons are for building long term projects but at the same time we have to realise that with $125K at stake only by community voting there would be a lot of projects coming only to get this amounts by creating multiple accounts.

So there should be a way to get out of this.

These 2 weeks between the judging period and the winners announcement are dedicated to that :+1:

Thats what came to mind when i was typing. Men will always find ways to disrupt what men have built