Last Hours Of Community Voting

The last hour of the hackathon vote is here. Calling on those who haven’t cast their votes to use this opportunity to support their favorite projects by giving them a vote in the poll. There are a lot of incredible projects participating in the hackathon. Don’t miss out on the chance to support your favorites and help shape the future of Tron.

Best of luck to all participating projects!


Yeah, we have so much exciting projects in every track of the hackaTron this time. We have also build a project in A.I. track . You can check our project MeloSynthiaAI : Discover the power of AI led music generation and if you like it you can vote it here.


This last hours of voting are typically the most critical and exciting.


I absolutely agree :ok_hand: The amount of innovation and creativity in this hackathon is truly inspiring. Let’s support all the amazing projects and help drive Tron’s growth forward.

Your team is one of those that are building a nice project in the community. Best of luck to you guys :raised_hands:

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Agreed :100:
It’s most critical and have a mix of nervous and excitement in it. But one thing is certain, those trying to cheat the system will end up being cheated :unamused:

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You’re absolutely right mate. transparency and accountability are crucial for any community, especially in the world of crypto.

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