End of community's voting

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s hackathon! The voting stage has officially come to an end, and we are so impressed by all the innovative ideas and hard work that went into each project.

It’s been an honor to watch all the teams collaborate, brainstorm, and bring their ideas to life. Every participant should be proud of their efforts, regardless of whether they took home the top prize or not. Remember, the real reward is the knowledge and experience gained from this hackathon.

I’ll be excited to keep the momentum going and see where these projects will go in the future. Who knows, maybe some of them will even make a real-world impact.

Again, congratulations to all the teams, and we look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. Let’s continue to innovate and make a difference in the tech industry.


Es una buena reflexión, tu escrito.
Esperamos que muchos de estos proyectos sean aplicados a nuestro día a día, y consigan un buen espacio en el mundo crypto.


Yes It has been a wonderful journey this season for me. I’ve been a casual observer of hackaTRONs for the last 2 seasons. But this season I decided to participate as a community member and while it has been great season, it can also be hectic for every community member to engage and review every project. So along with every participant of this hackaTRON, I would like to congratulate every community member who participates in hackaTRONs for their tremendous efforts.


Yes bro, it was indeed very hectic keeping in touch with every project but it’s worth it because knowledge is not gained in comfortability. It was nice exchanging views with you in the forum :clap::clap::clap:


It has been very interesting, we’re now waiting for the final judgement…


yh one of the best hackathon ever. it was tough and very hectic. being around daily throughout the season is very hard but we did it, now we still continue even after everything.


Yes, the final judgment is the most critical part of the hackathon as it’s what determine the future of the ecosystem. I hope the most deserving projects win, especially in the judges vote, because the prize will help the devs to keep building on their projects. Looking at the community’s vote, we can easily tell which projects will take home the prize though there might be a little change in some track’s voting ranks. But in all, we do expect all the projects to continue building to give the Tron ecosystem a better future in the blockchain space.


If we can do it in this most challenging hackathon, I believe we can still do it even after the hackathon. We have no other forum other than this one. Let’s continue keeping it engaging for everyone to share in everyone else’s ideas :bulb:


Congratulations to all projects, it was a great journey

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Indeed it was, and we are glad to see the contributions of everyone that participated including you. Hoping to still have you active in the forum.