Help test zkBob on Nile and get rewarded!

zkBob is an open-source non-custodial smart contract wallet with an integrated private payment feature. The protocol operates as a public utility and the protocol itself DOESN’T impose any fees. However, network (gas) fees are charged, and these vary based on the specific network. Network fees are applicable to users for actions such as deposits, withdrawals, and transfers within the zkBob wallet application.

The wallet is already live and has been working in production on Polygon and Optimism for over a year. It has steady usage and transactional volume and currently holds over $500k in assets.

Detailed analytics for all three currently live zkBob pools can be found below:

More information about zkBob is available on the forum post here: First privacy focused compliance friendly wallet on Tron

Testers needed

We are searching for individuals who have an interest in privacy solutions and are eager to participate in the advancement of such products. zkBob will soon be accessible on the Nil test network and we would appreciate your participation!

We would like to extend an invitation to all to join the public beta testing of the zkBob wallet on the Nil test network.

An equal share of 1000 USDC will be distributed to each participant in the beta test. To be eligible for the prize, it is necessary to provide feedback following the testing phase. Further information can be accessed through the Telegram chat.

Our primary objectives for this beta testing phase include:

  1. Identifying and resolving any user experience bugs and issues.
  2. Identifying and addressing any technical bugs and issues.
  3. Gathering feedback on any missing features that would be beneficial.
  4. Collecting user-specific use cases to customize zkBob for their needs

Final word

zkBob is a publicly accessible utility protocol designed with a user-friendly interface and a primary emphasis on privacy. More information about it can be found here.

zkBob is designed to ensure the safety and security of privacy for all users. As such, a strong emphasis is placed on incorporating compliance features to meet regulatory demands and enhance overall safety.

If you are interested in taking part in our beta testing on the Nil test network, please feel free to join our Telegram chat

Inside the Telegram chat you’ll find all the necessary information regarding the process of testing. Access will be provided by our admins to prevent unauthorized bot access.


Congratulations all the best.


That’s really interesting.

I did not know any project with zero Knowledge of TRON so far.

I graduated from the zkDAO and I know a bit even technically I will be happy to help.

  1. BOB is 1:1 on USD, you use it from now on, or only USDC?
  2. It’s like having a pool of stablecoin and you own an amount from the pool and inside the pool transfers are hidden only interaction as deposits and withdrawals can be seen but not associated so I can withdraw to any address and never go back to the initial address?
  3. Did you find a solution for the situation where they find and match the transactions due to the
    amount value? The transfer inside option seems to be a way.



The contract for ERC20/TRC20 remains although vulnerable as they USDT holder can block the transfer?

You can deploy also on the base token?

Love it that all is open source :heart_eyes: although the relay is centralized I think that it compasate it through open source!!

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Congratulations team, keep building


Congratulations, keep on building


Hi @constantinpricope201 and thanks for your response!

Let us answer your questions:

  1. Currently, zkBob supports ETH (Optimism pool) and USDC (Optimism and Polygon pools) tokens only. More details can be found on our Dune dashboard
  2. All transactions within zkBob ensure complete privacy, with no disclosure of information about the amount, recipient, or senders, although this data will be stored on the blockchain. For deposits, the amount and sender are publicly available as plain text on the blockchain. Similarly, for withdrawals, the amount and recipient are also publicly available as plain text on the blockchain. More information can be found in our doc on the following section
  3. For enhanced privacy, consider leaving your assets in a zkBob pool for a duration before withdrawal. This way, researchers won’t be able to link two distinct addresses based on transaction amounts. Additionally, you can withdraw assets from your zkBob account in an amount different from the initial deposit. You can read more about privacy in the following section
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This article is captivating. But we wish the best for you.

Congratulations keep building