How to connect tronlink to website

Hi everyone,

I have some problems while I am trying to create “button” to connect user’s tronlink wallet to website. Can someone help me, please? How should I adjust my javascript codes?


@Stian @TronNinjas @EMerchant @StevenTRON please your assistance needed


Please why Tron forum Dao not
Working with iPhone 6.

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better to create a topic under site feedback bro

Let me do just that

alright thanks for understanding bro

Hi @Gordian I am sorry you are having trouble on your iPhone 6. I have reviewed and the iPhone 6 is still compatible with most websites but can struggle with more intensive applications like games and photo/video. Are you still having issues?

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Trying referring someone to this forum
But his iPhone 6 not compatible with it

Hmmmm. It is possible the iPhone 6 cannot open the Forum due to technical limits on the phone. Do they have another device (laptop, computer, ipad, etc) they could try?

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Not me,
But a Tronics I’m trying to unboard

@GumballAvo that is a great question. I hope some of our fellow Developers could assist with this question like @EMerchant. I personally am not a Dev or I would be happy to try and assist

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I understand
We not dev.
Will tell him to use another device

@GumballAvo Are you still having this issue?

If so, please feel free to explain what is going on

Thank You

This should be a good approach

I staked TRX long ago and I need to unstake them and stake to stake2.0.
By the way, how can I unstake my TRX?
Please help~

Go to your wallet

Click on stake to open the staking page for you.

Click on unstake and follow the instructions.

If you are using tronlink​:point_down::point_down:

I staked to stake1.0 and I can’t find unstake option now.

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is there any way to unstake from stake1.0?

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Wh wallet are you using please

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