How to earn Trx?

How to earn free Trx

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Buy, send to tronlink, freeze and vote.
Check some tutorials on YouTube @moneyversac


Cant buy in my region. Reason i a, looking to earn free
@dcloud sent me 10 trx to start wallet.
Very thankful
But looking to get trx somehow
Willing to buy direct wallet to wallet
if someone is interested

Had alot on voyager app
And alot locked up
for years and was hoping they would allow transfers …
But they never allowed.

Not your keys not your crypto

So now looking to add to wallet. Somehow. With restrictions in my state

There are some p2p crypto markets. Binance has one.

Otherwise, you’ll probably have to work and ask for TRX. Or provide some kind of service. has GameFi tournaments but I don’t think you can win, not sure if you need a TronNinjas NFT though.

Also, there are always a ton of giveaways on Twitter so you might be able to get lucky.

Got to get creative.

Maybe use staking on some exchanges?