Passive Income through Tron

Hi Tronics,

I have been a Tron hodler for over 3 years now and my love and respect for the project has only grown multifolds over the years.

Initially, I was only focused on the price of TRX on various exchanges, but then I got introduced to Tronlink and the various features tron offered to its hodlers like staking for energy and rewards.

And since I discovered this forum sometime last year, I have followed two seasons of the Tron Hackathon. I have also discovered a bunch of useful platforms through this forum to diversify my yields through TRX and other dApps on the Tron ecosystem.

One of these platforms is TronEnergize where I recently sold my energy for an instant payout in TRX. And no this is not a sponsored post, I just faced an issue with my first order on TronEnergize but on contacting the team on telegram they resolved my issue with utmost ease and transparency.

Furthermore, since this recent find I’ve also been wondering, since I’ve also used platforms like TronNRG and NitronEnergy, what other platforms would you guys suggest for diversifying how I make use of my TRX to earn a passive income?!


Hmmmm Interesting !! will definitely checkout tronEnergize and convert some of my energy left to trx :grin:

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You could try ClaimFreeTRX it a great Dapp that’s getting better all the time… you can find it here:

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You’re right! I’ve also tried this dApp and I must say its pretty revolutionary in my opinion. Forgot to mention before, thanks for that @Sutt2m :pray:

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You very welcome… all the best…:+1:

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We seem to have a common similarity, and that’s been acquainted on the Tron ecosystem 3yrs and running.


Hi @aradhye.s ,

Here a biased comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried

We sell energy but also we are selling /minting TEM, which is currently (today) giving a 60% apy.

I won’t bother you more, have a nice day!

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Wdym 60% APY? Too good to be true haha

Test it, ask others about it if you want. It’s true that the APY fluctuates but we have some unique system which makes that APY juicy.

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I definitely would and circle back with feedback.