Possible ways to Earn from Crypto 2023!

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In the course of voting for your favourite project this S4 Hackathon, ending soon I few days.
Let learn and share our thoughts and experiences with this.

We all know that we can now put our crypto to work for as rather than incurring unpleasant trading risks, putting lengthy effort, or letting it sit idle.
Many recurring revenue streams can be produced by combining a few different approaches.( No single method)

I traced to identify the following way to earn from Crypto:-

  • Join an affiliate program to earn money for introducing others.
    By sending visitors to the websites of various cryptocurrency affiliate programs, you can make money. Joining an affiliate program is cost-free.

  • Market NFTs
    NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are distinct assets that are kept on a digital ledger. The great thing about NFTs is that the investment you store can be priceless. For anything, including video, digital artwork, photography, music, games, and GIFs, you can generate NFTs.

  • Yield Farming
    People who are interested in this choice should do a lot more research because yield farming is one of the more complicated ones.

  • Airdrops
    Crypto projects would employ airdrops as a marketing tactic to boost their circulation and popularity before to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This means distributing free samples of the native token of the project to potential users.

  • Create an account on YouTube
    You can still launch a YouTube channel. Such a large audience might be drawn for passive revenue. The problem? At initially, it takes a lot of work with little to no reward.

  • Learn to Earn( very important for me)
    Some sites provide cryptocurrency rewards to customers who use the learning center. It rewards users for their platform expertise by enticing them to watch videos and finish quizzes. These coins are given to users at the conclusion of the course, and the subject matter frequently revolves around a particular altcoin. Example as Justmoney did recently.

  • Cloud Mining
    It is now possible to mine cryptocurrencies utilizing cloud computing resources that are rented instead of owned or directly operated thanks to the development of cloud mining.

  • Participation in Hackathon example Tron Hackathon session 4 ongoing…

Let’s get to share our experiences and thought these ways and other ways we know of.
Thanks guys


How I do put my bitcoin to work, I read something like that


Well bro this still boils down to how much bitcoin you have and willing to put into earning passive income.

Do tell me you have <$100 BTC
Some ways include

  • Staking
  • Lending
  • Trading
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Any sites to check these?


Tienes varias opciones puedes ponerlo en la bóveda también te da un %.


En Binance tienes varias opciones.


First let note that this site may not be available to all locations.

Hahaha I know all these but will never go in for that😂
Some gives you less than 10$ a year you need to hold big


Good you know the outcome

I have tested hot and cold water :joy::joy:

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This is a very nice topics though, but we have to always be very careful in venturing into Most of them ,…every good has bad in it
Airdrops can change life and can also ruin your life and drop you to unknown destination besides your village :joy:
Some projects are doing it legit , while some heartless hackers also find it as a means of murdering their fellow human beings
Discipline and calculated risk is needed in all aspects
For cloud mining am not a party to that :joy: unless from verified exchanges like binance, kucoin etc Thank you


Entonces te queda la opción que yo hice, compré barato y vendí cuando llego a lo más caro.
Puedo decir que le saque provecho.


Oh my goodness, can you please pinned this particular one

Yes, just like the $pepe
Not too late to jump onto it
But it can take you to Dubai and also take you to village.

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I wish I have some small dollar I think pepe can delete 1 more zero NFA tho

I think village might not be far from you if you ape in now :joy::joy:

Exactly brother buy set your target and sell at that price



Great investor has spoken :joy: please put what you can avoid to loose ooo

Hmmm this pepe when salt and tomato :tomato::joy::joy:

I believe the ones that will give us huge gains is still coming

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Oh bro had I known, if I sold some tokens and put it in Pepe last week by now I would have been smiling :joy::joy:

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Now that $pepe will be listed on kucoin and Binance
You would be a big boy

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