How to revoke spending approvals in wallet

How can I revoke spending approvals in my wallet. I use trust wallet. Please I need an answer to this.


Go on with your wallet browser. Input your wallet address in the search bar, scroll down and you will see “Token - Portfolio - Approval”. Click on approval and remove the approvals you don’t want to keep.

Also I advise you to download Tronlink Wallet and use it instead:


Whole on the approval page, I saw an address that has both owners permission and active permission, but didn’t see any button to revoke the permission on the page. Please how am I going to see the permission revoke button on the page


Maybe a dev can help you with that :man_shrugging:

My suggestion is to download tronlink, create a new wallet, send everything on that new wallet if possible and forget the old one.

For the future: Don’t sign any transaction if you are not too sure about what you are doing. Avoid shady dapps and, if in doubt, ask here if a dapp is legit.


Fact reaay interesting

I didn’t really understand your questions man

Thank you so much for this boss

Thanks that’s very useful