Security Tips- Revoke Your Allowances

Good day tronics, it’s another day and let’s learn something about taking back control of our wallet.

I believe most of us use different blockchains aside tron. Currently I do not have any app to check allowances on my tron blockchain but I do check my allowances on eth, Bsc polygon blockchain.

Mostly when we connect our wallet to dapps like nft marketplace, dexes we approve some contracts to spend on our behalf. This means we give allowances to such contracts.

Most scams are caused by this. Scammers usually trick us and we grant them an allowance to our funds.

The good news is that you can revoke all the allowances and take back control of your wallet after interacting with such dapps.

Personally I use to inspect my allowances and revoke all allowances I am no longer using to prevent an access to my funds.

As I said I used this for other chains so I am suggesting to devs here to develop similar tool for tron.

If you want to revoke your allowances, the first thing to do is to go to and connect or enter your address in the search bar.

Secondly, inspect your allowances.

And lastly revoke all unwanted allowances.

Let’s do this always to check our wallets.
This helps prevent us from scammers.
Kindly share with your friends too.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Tronlink → Me → Wallet management → approvals. It will send you to tronscan, check the approvals you have granted and remove suspicious ones


I would have to check mine and see, thanks bro

yeah yeah exactly that. Thank you and thanks to tron link team :clap::clap::clap:

Good news
Thanks to @fabsltsa

You can equally inspect allowances on tron Blockchain using #TronLink wallet.

Follow the steps from Fabs to take back control of your wallet. :pray:

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I totally got this understood.
Very easy to navigate

Does the revoking needs gas fees, i lost 4 trx when i did just one revoking, and i have like 100 to revoke. I will maintain it like that

I don’t remember but I assume that you do need gasfees

:rofl::rofl::rofl: revoking to reduce tron balance. Not a good thing for me

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