Hurdles in NFT minting

To empower NFT minting , we are integrating our MelosynthiaAI project with Tron ecosystem . But getting issues while deploying smart contract using trc721 on Tron testnet(nile or Shasta). How can we use trc based smart contracts to facilitate transactions on tron ecosystem, we are continuously into documentation and upgrading our platform everyday . Therefore, we will be more than happy, if get some suggestions and ideas from the community on this.

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Hey I want to learn blockchain and web3. Someone please share me the projects links related to this.


Yeah, we are minting nfts on trc but we could not found libraries and tools on which minting can be done, also there are issues while deploying smart contracts on testnet.
BTW, thanks for suggesting.


@fabsltsa @TronNinjas @Stian kindly assist :pray: