About Smart Contracts

  1. If our project does not need a smart contract, is it possible to publish it this way?
  2. If we build our project on ETH, is it still possible to share it in categories such as GameFi, NFT, Web3?
  1. I think deployed contracts are required per the rules but not 100%.
  2. No, why would it? It’s not a ethereum hackathon. Ecosystem track works if the project already exists on ethereum and you are migrating to tron/bttc

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Only the rules will determine though, :thinking:
Building anew is different what has been existing though.
Therefore, Need to understand the ecosystem is needed and very important before leaping into next step.


Only the rules on that will decide

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Why project on ethereum on tron hackathon? of course No

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Read the rules again, you can share an ETH project provided you tell how to convert it to TRON
A little friendly advice: Never try to make assertive sentences like “of course No”

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This is very helpful message

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This is really nice . You must always try to build your community

It was helpful thank you


Thank you :+1: so much rilly appreciate

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Very thoughtful question, we need to he able to understand smart contracts and how it affects our projects.


i’m not sure how on eth u can cope without smartcontracts or maybe i’m missing some point :sweat_smile: