Drag-Drop-Deploy (Contract Buidlr)

Project Name: Drag-Drop-Deploy (Contract Buidlr)
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: liddX Labs
Team Member(s): ikalonji
DevPost URL: Issa Kalonji's (ikalonji) software portfolio | Devpost
Project Goal: Provide an simple developer experience for building custom smart contracts on with or without development or technical experience
Project Info:
** Inspiration**

To onboard more developers and non-developers to the Web3 ecosystem, we need to provide more tools for rapid development.

Currently most smart contract tools are based on template which do not provide the ability to fully deploy complex and non generic contracts to on Tron. We would like to see a change that’s why we developed Drag-Drop-Deploy to make it easy for anyone to build and deploy a full smart contract on Tron

What it does

Drag-Drop-Deploy, allows people with or without experience to build and deploy fully customized (simple or complex) smart contracts to Tron by simply dragging components to the canvas and deploying when done. It’s as simple as that!

Project Website: Contract Buidlr
Project Test Instructions: Visit the site and play around with the features go to github to view the implementation.
Project Details: Currently a basic MVP is functional however more complex operations are in development.
Project Milestones:

  • By the end of the hackathon Drag-Drop-Deploy should have the following:
    Handle and parse control statements
    Deploy contracts on Tron
    Publicly available UI

** Hackathon Updates **

  • MVP has been completed
  • Control statements can be created and added to a contract
  • Contracts build successfully, however we need to catch errors for ill-structured contracts
  • Deploy to Tron is functioning, however we need to allow users to connect a wallet to deploy using their own address. (In progress.)

** After the hackathon, we continue building the following features:
Handle importing of other contracts.
In app tuorials/guides for users that are new to SC and Blockchain
Implement multichain deployment
Improved UI/UX
Pre-compile exception handling in the frontend.


Greetings IKalonji! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
Contract Address


Kudos to you and your team


Thanks, we’re aiming to have the public link available this weekend so you can check it out.


Looking forward to check it out! :slight_smile:


Thank you @Perrin, look forward to your support.


so even not programmers can deploy contracts :slight_smile:


@IKalonji Drag and drop pre built smart contracts are a great way to get users into crypto as they will then not need to be coders in order to create their own platforms.

Similar exists such as Klever.io can you explain how yours will be different as they are also on the Tron blockchain too?


Yes that’s the goal, as someone starting in smart contract development, we would like to make it simpler, with just basic knowledge and understanding of smart contracts users should be able to build and deploy a fully custom smart contract.

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@Simon Thanks for the question, the main difference is that Drag, Drop, Deploy does not have prebuilt contracts as this does limit users. We are offering the ability to build your own contract for your own use case not just Defi/NFT’s like most other smart contract tools. We want to give new and experienced developers a seamless experience for building smart contracts in a visual manner.


@IKalonji Thanks for the update, so even the code is drag and drop not the smart contract itself? interesting as long as the outcome is what the user wants they can basic code and may even learn a thing or two while picking the sections of code?

Hope to see this in action and would love to test once you reach that stage :raised_hands:

It is a very very good project. How would you deployed your smart contracts to the platform which you build ??? Thank you in advance for your response !

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Nice, making it possible for noobs to deploy contracts

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Thank you, demo will be available soon.


For now we will be implementing Tron deployment however all EVM compatible chains will be supported after the hackathon. Depending on the chain we will allow users to deploy directly to the chosen chain.


Absolutely, simplicity makes it easier to onboard more devs especially from non-coding backgrounds.

Looking forward to seeing the live URL. Well done

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I see this as a great potential project with huge momentum

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Thank you @Temitope, should be available by the end of the weekend.

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Thank you for the support @Wagmi2020 !