I can not join TronDAO TG group, any idea?

I want to join here https://t.me/tronnetworkEN/ but it say the group is not accessible. Any idea?


Working for me. Not sure what can be the reason for you. Any thoughts @StevenTRON @HunterTRON ?

I think you gotta message admins directly with your username to add you manually, works perfectly with no hassles for me.

sounds fair, but since I can not join I do not know who is the admin? can you share TG admins from here so that I can msg them pm from TG?

Message @HunterTRON here or in Tg to add you up
He use the same telegram username as this forum username

Maybe you have not completed captcha and got kicked, admin need to fix.

Using this link and working for me. I think you account got banned from the group if you where in before?

It work to me too. Did you got banned before?

thanks guys! @HunterTRON helped me, I msged him from TG.

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That is interesting! What is your Telegram username we can check with Admins of the channel @HunterTRON

Thank you. Hunter has already helped out on this. :pray:

case solved, thanks team!