No referral or invite link?

I have been trying to bring new users onto the trondao forum, all efforts to search for referral link or invite button has proven futile.

Is there a way the team can integrate referral link into the forum at the profile page where it could be easily accessible to be sent to bring in new members?

Thank you


There is actually.


The invite can be sent by email or directly copy pasting a personal invite link.


This is what i have oo.
Is there a Trust Level i have to reach before i can see the invite button?

Cos it does not appear anywhere in my profile. Thank you

I’m Trust Level 3 but I think it was accessible for me already before. Maybe cause I was amongst the early users :man_shrugging:


Oh ok thats wonderful, but atleast it should be accessible to everyone. They should reconsider :joy::joy:

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Just send the normal link of the forum then :joy:
That’s what I do. I’ve never used the invite option.


My issue is will that count to get the badge?

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Guidance about what please, can u elaborate and we will definitely help you out

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For the invite badge yes but for the trust level 3 no. Maybe it will appear when you reach TL3.

For the TL3 i know i have to do alot of things to reach there, i am ready and willing to do all that, whether there is a hackathon or not, i will try and stay active as possible.

Your question is a little bit confusing. If you want to learn about Tron you can have a look at tron wiki and

For the hackathon, all the infos are in the hackathon section on this forum.

Hope that helped.

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During hackathons TL3 are harder to get and easy to lose :sweat_smile: I’ve lost it during the previous hackathon cause too many spammers started to post useless comments in order to get TL1. This time people understand that those fake accounts will be removed anyway :joy:

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Go back to main page and click on Hackathon :+1:


Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.

Click on badges
Scroll to the very bottom
U will see basic user, member etc each with a word “Granted” written in red.

Click on the “Granted” a blog will come. Read everything. It entail alot, by the time you finish practice what u read and u will be on ur way to be one of the best in the forum.

I hope it helps

I never knew you could lose a trust level, that is really tough. Wow this is new to me.

The level 3 isn’t granted once for all. You have to keep a certain level of activity. When the forum is quiet, a normal use is more than enough. But during the voting period, it can get wild down here :joy: so you have to be more active than usual.

For Level 1 and 2, that rule doesn’t apply. You won’t lose your Level 2 if you start being less active.


Wow and here i was thinking when you get it, it is secured forever and ever.

I can feel the heat, during hackathon more people troop in and the activity they bring onboard become a great competition. But they are mostly spammers.

But when there is no hackathon what at all do you all talk about in the forum?

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I keep updating the community about JustMoney’s improvements, partnerships,…

I answer if I can help someone who needs an important info.

Basically that


I can imagine how boring the place will be, but atleast the team must reconsider that if there is no hackathon, all those who came with the intention to vote and leave have done their part and are nowhere to be found, but those who stuck around when there was nothing should maintain the badge when there is something. The can track this through the days visited the forum and the dates comments and suggestions were made.

If it falls around “no hackathon” time, then u maintain ur badge