Certificate of participation. Suggestion 1.0

In my quest to create a new resume for a job application, i got to a point where i needed to provide details of my accomplishments.

Something dawn on me, i am a three times winner of contributor’s prize from TronDao forum, yet i dont have any certificate to back up this claim if it is requested.

so i humbly suggest that the team behind the forum @StevenTRON, @EMerchant, @admin.hackathon, @trondao and @WindsOfChange92 should atleast give winners some online certificate of appreciation and participation, as this will go along way to enrich our crypto resume. it could be in a form of an nft

What do you think guys. @Prince-Onscolo, @Gordian, @fabsltsa, @antonio, @Youngyuppie, @HODL, @Nweke-nature1.com and @Akainuu

Thank you


Congratulations Buddy.

Yes, I do think it’s a great idea to suggest that the TronDao forum team provide winners of the contributor’s prize with online certificates or Badges of appreciation and participation.

This would be a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the winners, and it would also be a valuable addition to their crypto resumes.
Maybe we apply to work in Tron Dao as new generation.

I’m sure the TronDao forum team would be open to your suggestion.

Here are some additional benefits of providing online certificates of appreciation and participation to winners of the TronDao forum contributor’s prize:

  • It would help to attract more users to the forum.

  • It would encourage users to participate more actively in the forum.

  • It would help to build a sense of community among forum members.
    For me I would say Sense of Belonging.

  • It would provide a way for forum members to showcase their accomplishments, as motivation.

I hope the TronDao forum team will consider your suggestion. It’s a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication of the winners, and it would also be a valuable addition to their crypto resumes.


not bad. This is a great achievement. It is not east to make the top 10 and we must get a certificate just the one we get after completing the tutorials


Yh yh something like that, i can print it out and keep it to serve as a physical backing when claiming that i have won on the forum


Never thought about it. It’s actually a good idea. Could also be an nft with the certificate attached on Tron/BTTC.


But some could be in top 10 without posting any interesting content. Just spamming messages until reach the top 10. So maybe to have a certificate that says “won the contributor prize for its outstanding participation bla bla” should have an algo checking (probably a threshold of likes received or something) that the quality was there and not only the quantity.


Great idea. I suggested something similar on the X app to tronDAO. Maybe they can display list of community contributors on tronDAO website :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting. That’s the responsibility of the admins to make sure that only the deserving shall win


Problem is, the contributors seem to be selected by an algo which just eats data’s and pick those with the highest scores. It does take in consideration the amount of like but is it enough to decide wether a content is useful or not. Last season anyone could become an awarded contributor by simply saying “welcome” to any new forum member or “it’s a great project” to any contestant :joy:
Till now, algos can’t replace humans for the evaluation of the quality & relevance of content.


You’re right, algorithms can’t replace humans for the evaluation of the quality and relevance of content.

Likes are a good metric for measuring popularity, but they don’t necessarily indicate the quality of content. For example, a simple “welcome” message might get a lot of likes, but it doesn’t contribute much to the overall discussion.

But it could count as kind gesture in the forum


oh personally I thought the rankings were made from likes. Also it is never true that only the top 10 win the prize. From last two seasons and last season you could see, they go through all contributors and add some great contributors who do not make even top 15. So it’s through they use algo but still go through and add some manually


Honestly this is a nice idea if it can be implemented,…Turuglobal did something like that last year, they presented it as a badge of honour and as NFTs as well if am not mistaking :thinking:,… this will foster and encourage everyone both existing and new users to give in/contribute to the best of their knowledge for the betterment of this great forum

Thank you once again for such an amazing idea, I know you must have ate something differently :grin:


Just like what we have in the music and entertainment industry.

Where outstanding artist and actors are given award.
Another forms of this is similar to Guinness world record.

Trust this example is understood

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Hahaha that is very funny but i know what you are saying very well.

I think the algo used to pick the top ten should be updated. I know the team are following and will definitely come up with a new approach

Exactly, they can atleast look through some of the post they have created and some of their comments and see if they truly deserve to be awarded. Already we dont have alot of people out here engaging so there is nothing the admins can really do in that regard.


You have a very good point. Likes can lead to false positives and false negatives, the algo can be based on likes and some other few factors.

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Hahahah yh i ate rice and pepper together with egg and sausage.

More suggestions will be coming very soon, watch out

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Thanks for sharing food for thought.

I think last seasons we were less than 10 contributors :joy: but every season, some more arrive. The only way to check quality content is… to go through all the messages haha no algo at this point can say this is relevant and this is not.
If I say welcome to every new user, they are likely to answer “thank you” and give me a like which will boost my participation. But then we’re missing the point. We will probably lose users as well who will think “why am I losing so much time reading non sense” :joy:

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yeah I get that, but we can’t single any one out who do not deserve the prize. What you are saying it means that was the only thing some were doing but these same people were engaging and asking questions too.

In addition, some guys keep this forum active whether it is hackthon season or not.
Don’t try to discourage them. This platform is not only for Hackatron and prizes.

How many people remain active here, after prizes are announced. Are they only here for prizes?

We are building trondao forum not only Hackatron forum.

Maybe you can come out with an example because I do not see any in the top 10 who did not engaged projects but only welcome messages for likes. You can say @Nweke-nature1.com was 1 :joy: so that we won’t follow his footsteps (I use his name because he is my buddy buddy) lol


Yo bro, it’s not none Sense,
What and why a welcome messages make it nonsense?

Even in DISCORD, Telegram project group
We have same gesture.