Issues while deploying contract through Tron IDE

Hi everyone, I’m participating in the hackathon, and I’m having trouble deploying smart contracts. I wanted to deploy two separate contracts, one deploys just fine, but while deploying the other I get the following message

Send transaction failed: Broadcast failed . if you use an injected provider, please check it is properly unlocked. 

Unlocking the wallet is not the issue, I’ve confirmed that. Any ideas how I can solve this? Without this my team’s work on the hackathon is suspended.

Btw, I’m using Tron IDE to deploy and deploying to the Shasta testnet.


I resolved the issue by adjusting my fee limit in Tron IDE. If you set it to too low it will error out by saying OUT_OF_ENERGY, if you set it to too high then it will fail with the error I originally posted. So you have to keep in mind to not set it too high. That resolved the error for me.


You can ask on Telegram Telegram: Contact @TronOfficialDevelopersGroupEn

Or tag @admin.hackathon


Let’s see your contract code!

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I think this idea will be good to ask on telegram grp.


tron ide sux unfortunately

Hey everyone, the issue got fixed. Most probably it was because I increased the fee limit to a very high value while deploying.


Glad to hear! Excited for what you build.

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This is a good question

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Thank God the problem has been solved, don’t you think it would be nice if you drop how it was solved incase someone else comes across such issues in future

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Thank you! Yeah you’re right, I did share what was the issue. I’ll update the OP with a more detailed explanation just in case. Thanks for the reminder :smiley:

This is a nice idea I think…

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