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Ask me a question, if you are stuck in. Want to know about Hackathon or any update about tron . I’ll try my best to guide . Plz avoid to discuss irrelevant topics. :v:



What to do if trx transaction shows completed and receiving still not get credit??

Whereas confirm on through this portal also!!


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I am very much interesed in finding different information about the chain of tron and address labeling of phishing or other types of activities…

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I hope that this confusion finish :pray:

Hi MirAnees,
We have been working in deploying our ERC20 contract on Tron and have encountered a “Out-Of-Energy” error. We changed the Fee Limit to 500000000 from 400000000 (as was suggested in the Forum).

My TronLink wallet address is: TXNVM2gc1oJMN3fuDqJWj7mF8gZBE88VF8

We have attempted the deployment had over 1700 TRX in our wallet when we attempted to deploy the contract 3 times and have already spent over 1000 TRX without success.

Help please.

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You can post in the devs section

Hi Where to confirm on which track does our project fall.

My question is:
Can we enter my tronlink wallet number in the tron ​​wallet address of 2 projects? Does this create a problem?

How do I boost my trust level