sent credit to the wrong wallet

sent credit to the wrong wallet can samone help me


Hey there, which wallet did you use and where did you send your token to? Please also provide the transaction hash so we can check what happened.


my Owner Address : TV6MuMXfmLbBqPZvBHdwFsDnQeVfnmiuSi
Receiving Address: TC1wvzTZAdQNd3Zd4vZCAhCymwm5WNgtc5
the hash : 1fa6e12e556ed235594d62aa3277e8d227c7fe55d16b33d35e69236acdea8db5

help me plz

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As you probably know, there’s no undo for blockchain transactions and no one has access to the fund except for the account holder. Is the receiving address belong to a service/exchange or someone you know? If so, you will need to contact them directly.

Did you mistype your address?


Yes, I misspelled the address

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Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do because it is not possible to reverse a transaction. It appears that you are withdrawing from Binance correct? If that is the case, you can try to contact Binance about the issue and see if they can do anything about it.

Just giving you a heads up that they may not be able to help as well as Binance should also send out a couple of verifications to users before the withdrawal is triggered.


Dear, the balance has been sent to another platform


Which is the best wallett for tron?

Better use TronLink.
I can also recommend you Klever Wallet.
(And avoid TrustWallet :p)

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What’s the issue with trust? Also how is tronlink or sg like that?