TRX Pontentially Lost After Swap, Needing Help!

Had some ERC-20 TRX sitting in an old MEW wallet and followed the instructions for the swap from the Tron DAO.

I did the swap directly from my MEW wallet… but I did not have a Ledger and was not told in the documentation it was mandatory. Did the swap and now I’m not able to retrieve the new, swapped tokens on MEW since its a completely different network.

I just bought and received my Ledger today… is there a way to fix this?



Is this realistic and legit

If it was a medium article telling you to send it directly to an ETH wallet, sorry you’ve been scammed. That’s a fake website.

Should have sent to your binance eth address. Hope that can help the next people who need the info :pensive:

Deposit it to Binance, it will automatically switch to TRON TRX.