Trx bep20 contract swap

I believe you could explain more for us.



Bep20 TRX on BNB Chain used to have a different contract address than the contract used by BTTC crosschain bridge. Which means that before, when you wanted to send TRX from Tron to BNB Chain via BTTC, it was not compatible with the TRX liquidity pools for instance. And there was no way to swap one bep20 trx for the other one. It also means that if you had some TRX on BNB Chain coming from Pancake or Binance, it was not possible to bridge it to BTTC and then to Tron.

Now the contract on Binance has been updated to fit the BTTC bep20 one and I assume people would start to use that one instead of the old one.


To be clear about my opinion on TRX bep20:

Is there any good reason to hold TRX on Binance Chain? No. You could get some just to try to benefit from arbitrage opportunities. But imo hundreds of bots are already doing the job for all the main coins. It doesn’t let much opportunity for normal users. Except providing liquidity in TRX pools on BNB Chain, you can’t do much with it.
On the other hand, holding TRX on Tron gives you energy/bandwidth + votes if staked which gives you free transactions + voting rewards. You can also provide liquidity on Justlend (lending protocol) or on Sunswap and JustMoney (AMM DEX’s). The lending protocol will give you a decent apy (sometimes higher sometimes lower than freeze and vote system) and AMM DEX’s will give you a part of the swap fees each time someone makes a swap in the pool where your liquidity is.

Freeze and vote: directly on the wallet interface or on
Supply liquidity in lending protocol:
Supply liquidity on AMM DEX’s: and

For AMM DEX, you have to know that on most of them you don’t just provide one coin/token but 2 coins/tokens that are paired. You have to provide the same value for both tokens in USD. For instance $5 of TRX + $5 of JM.

What about lp tokens Farming?
On JustMoney there is for the moment no pools where people can stake their LP tokens for extra rewards BUT there is a kind of farming program.
Regularly (monthly at the moment, each last Friday of the month), JustMoney gathers all the fees collected by the Swap from every pools. Half of the money collected will be used to buy back some $JM token from the market and burn them. It lowers the supply and pushes the price up. The other half will be converted to TRX and sent to JM/TRX pool. Which means that it will then be owned by the providers (in proportion with the provided assets) and, since the amount of TRX grows but the amount of JM doesn’t change, pushes the price up as well.

(How to start talking about bep20 TRX and end up spamming about a project in one lesson :joy:)


Muy buena explicaciĂłn, te felicito

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Thank you for coming to my explanation rescue.

The whole idea is clear to me now.

It is very possible to be compatible with Binance contract with BTTC bep20.

Compare to the former of where it wasn’t possible to bridge it to BTTC.

I saw what you did there lols.

From the inception till the change of gear to Justmoney.

I understand.

As you said earlier.


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Thanks for your explanation on this

This clearly stated the importance of holding TRX ON TRON OVER HOLDING TRON ON BEP20

This too gives another disadvantages of holding TRX on BNB chain.

Talking about trading bot taking the advantage of arbitrage.
Those bot are very sophisticated with large trading volumes that Equal large trading trading profit or loss.

As such not favourable to a normal users.

There are tho some crosschain arbitrage opportunities… on :grin: check crosschain swaps and take advantage of the JM price fluctuations between chains :+1:

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Binance has finished swapping Tron’s (TRX) BEP20 contract. TRX deposits and withdrawals are now open with a new smart contract address: 0xCE7de646e7208a4Ef112cb6ed5038FA6cC6b12e3. The old TRX token is now labeled TRXOLD on Binance, and users can convert their TRXOLD tokens to the new TRX tokens. Withdrawals of TRXOLD tokens are no longer supported. Check the Deposit Crypto page for your TRX deposit address.

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Hahahah i used to provide liquidity and also farm on pancake, the impermanent loss i suffered nearly drove me to the bushes, the rewards i was receiving could not even cater for the losses i was incurring :joy::joy::joy:

From that time, i stayed aways from farming since i realised i had become the yield for other farmer to harvest.


Oh my goodness

Maybe we create a topic
On farming experience.

Should I share my experience?


My farming experience goes this way
Late 2021

I had to provide liquidity in 50:50 pairs
At Dex)

I was moved into farming there
Because of its Massive Apy

The urgly parts was that

I was farming with small funds.

WHEREAS, some whales would earn the most.

Later the will sell off
And dumps the price.

I suffered 86% impermanent lost
Because it was locked farming

Since then I don’t do any form of farming
Never again.

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No suelo dedicarme a la agricultura de rendimiento, y no mantengo trx en binance, ya que considero que la cadena Bsc es para moverla con sus respectivos tokens y aplicaciones, aunque mi experiencia todo los juegos de binance, no sirven para nada, lo único que me aporta Binance y su complementos es tradear y sacar dinero rápido.


You said it right.
After my yield farming experience

I haven’t tried nor attempt farming .

I rather stake on Tron link pro.

I only appreciate Binance chain for fast payment gateway too

Hahahah :rofl::rofl::rofl: farming is a red zone for me, but its quite profitable during bull market. As your yield and seeds keeps up an upward momentum.

I cant say same for bear market

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Thats very true, binance to me only helps me in cashing out to Fiat currency as this is currently the only crypto exchange platform that provides this service with 100% ease.

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It’s a no go zone for me.
The painful Thing in farming is




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Yes no lies about
Binance the only cex for the now
I can use with my eyes close that
I’m feeling safu with my navigation there

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Así es, es rápida y sin complicaciones.

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