TRC20 Address transaction from Binance failed with TRC10 external transaction

Is there a chance to reclaim the value of the TRON account with the Binance Wallet Address TRC20 Transferred from TRC10 External Account transaction?

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Your issue is unclear to me.

Without revealing sensitive information, could you please provide more details about the issue?

If it is something internally for Binance, then I suggest you to reach out to them instead.

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What happen was that. I use my wallet address from Advcash going to Binance wallet. I didn’t notice that they have different networks. one is TRC20 and the other was TRC10 But both TRON and when i send the confirmation. it does not reflect to my TRX Binance wallet. and when i saw the transaction block and ID. the TRX was received.

I don’t know both of these wallets.

For wallets supporting TRX, please take a look at TRON | Decentralize The Web

TRX is the native coin for the TRON Network. TRC10 and TRC20 are token protocols for the TRON Network. TRX is neither of them (but best comparable to TRC10).

You might be dealing with some kind of wrapped version of TRX (for example, BEP20 TRX) or with the old ERC20 TRX on Ethereum.

A TRON address always starts with a T. An EVM based address always starts with 0x (but then you are either dealing with a wrapped version or the old Ethereum version). If you send from a TRON Address (T…) to an Ethereum address (0x…) or vice versa, your coins will get stuck and be unrecoverable. Wallets should implement a warning that detects if the user is trying to do so and either warn them about it or prevent the transaction to be sent at all.

If you have your private key and/or mnemonic phrase (DO NOT SHARE THEM, NOWHERE!), you could try restoring the wallet with one of the officially supported wallets.

Most people use TronLink.