TRON address to receive TRC20 USDD payment

Hello, just to be sure, I have a few questions about TRON wallet.

  1. I connected Tronscan and Tronlink and when sending the application in Devpost, I have to write the address shown with arrows in the photo while replying to “* What’s your TRON address to receive TRC20 USDD payment?”, right? Does anything need to be done extra?

  2. Suppose we won an award and will the award come to tronscan? What format (coin) will it come in and how can we transfer it to the local bank?

  3. There is no relation between smart contract address and TRON wallet, right?


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  1. Yes, they ask your wallet address in case you win the price so they can send you the usdd
  2. The answer is in the first question (usdd - trc20 token). About sending to your bank it’s up to you. Most likely using a CEX.
  3. ?

Thanks really helpful​:100::100::100::100::100::100::100:

TRON is the best in the world

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Hola, en el caso de ganar el premio se te enviará a tu billetera en usdd, y en relación a transferirlo en una cuenta bancaria corre a cargo tuyo.

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yes, that’s correct buddy.

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Those are good questions

Remember as it’s a trc20 you will need TRX to first activate the wallet (0.01) and have enough TRX to cover energy fees to send a trc20

1.1 trx are actually needed to activate the wallet. Also can send energy to that wallet instead (especially since energy is now 50% more expensive :see_no_evil:).

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