2 Different Projects’ Wallets

Hello, me and my friend are planning to publish 1 project on our own accounts. However, since he has a problem with the bank, we plan to withdraw both funds from my bank, provided that we win the prize.

My question is:
Can we enter my tronlink wallet number in the tron ​​wallet address of 2 projects? Does this create a problem?


don’t think so, it is allowed to have multiple projects according to the rules so

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Shouldn’t be a problem but for official answer better to tag @admin.hackathon :+1:

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perfect idea, @admin.hackathon could u check my question plz ?? Thank u in advance

Nope,@GokhanCeylan, there won’t be a problem. Just make sure to fill the correct address during the registration and the winners form when given. Thanks


thanks a lot admin, I love u :black_heart:

i think any wallet should work in my opinion

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There should be no problem with that.

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The admin are so awesome

That’s is a really good idea