Looop Music Dapp

I had to check again. Is like you in the wrong hackathon. Your token something is written that loop token is on solana chain. Then how come you in tron hackathon


1: Yeah, i’m nigerian.
2: our platform is different in some few unique ways in terms of our revenue sharing methods and how artiste tend to make some earning through, we provide revenue with consistent method of payment through a subscription to join membership of each artiste, we also help artiste promote their music with feature like share-to-earn(mainly focused on upcoming artist), we help facilitate events and merch sales, and in terms of our revenue shares we don’t a large cut and give artiste a more fair chance of earning by just taking 10% or less.

we also have a plan of payment through streams number, which will be done through our tokens. we are open to sugessions since we still in an early stage of building.

@Relate101 The project aims on being multichain actually, we aint limited to one blockchain protocol, as for the solana written there that was done when we first started, so surely in the right hackathon :grin:.

our tokens can also be sold on different exchanges when we launch, we are in talk with some like BTSE, BICONOMY and GATE.IO. and also for the nfts can be brought on our platform, those nfts are hosted by artiste, which will be deployed on different chains.

This one you said artist. You mean limited to music artist. Like how will the international artist get to benefit from your platform

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Just the same way it’s not limited to one, international artist can earn the same way.

The app is a music streaming application, so yeah music artiste. Listeners to also can earn through referrals and also share-to-earn.

Hello Looop Team :wave: :wave:
It caught my eye with its ambition to transform the music streaming industry. Could you share more about how Looop plans to empower artists and engage fans differently from traditional platforms?

We actually plan to empowering artiste in some few different ways

By building community and relationship between listeners nd their fans

Not limiting the revenue system of artist to just stream pay, by introducing a subscription, gifting, merch store, nft event sales.

we also introduce Live streaming, audio spaces.

I’m think of hosting a call with my team and the community here, I would really appreciate if you guys could join us on a call to talk about the project.
Message me on telegram at: Josephweb3dev
@arman @Andreaxino @GrabTeam @Gordian @Relate101 @Nahidbanu

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, finally a project built around music and you’re offering is really interesting.
I see Looop appears to be a promising idea that aims to transform the music streaming market by empowering artists and offering a seamless experience for fans.

Can you elaborate on the suite of tools and resources available to creators for content creation and collaboration?

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Welcome to Season 6, please tell me how are you going to market the platform, thank you

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Thanks for the amazing response, we still actually focusing more on some other things, but one thing we do have is we have got a livestreaming functionality to promote connection and collaboration between verified fans and artiste, we do have one tool we plan on integrating, where users can use the music, to create video content and share with other music lovers on the app.

we plan on hosting little event here and there to help build connection and also promote collaboration, like hosting spaces, or talk show or connect shows, but all this are at a later stage.

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Hello @ines_valerie

We do have some plans on how to market this product.

some examples are

  • Community Engagement
  • Content Marketing
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Word-of-mouth Referrals
  • Airdrop rewards

This are some ways we plan on promoting and marketing our projects.

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Thanks for the reply, I see you have planned out things well.best of luck to the team :clap:

Thanks @Nahidbanu

Appreciate the interest in our projects, happy to be exploring the tron ecosystem.

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This will be really nice you could drop the call link here


Yeah planning to but need to set a good time for the call, we planning to find our product market fit with this.

will send in call link over here for sure.

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It’s nice to read about the livestreaming functionality and the planned connection that will allow users to produce video content using music.
Can you provide more details on the tool for creating video content using the music? Will users have access to editing features, such as adding effects or overlays, to personalize their videos?

Yeah sure there would there would be ability to edit video by adding filters and other amazing things to make the video more beautiful.

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That sounds like a great addition! Allowing users to edit movies with filters and other modifications can significantly enhance the content creation experience on the site.

How easy will the video editing interface be for people who do not have much familiarity with video editing tools?


Thank you for replying to me, I must to confess it to you that I like your marketing strategy, you do it online and offline to reach more people. I would like you to tell me, would you add things like forums and polls, thank you.


Welcome, thanks a lot. We would be adding those maybe to the community, but not into the app really. We could maybe just have leaderboard or the top listened music, artists and more.