Match Systems - provider of AML, Compliance and Investigations data for crypto industry with the deepest level of real-time exploration

Project Name: Match Systems
Project Track: Web3
Team Member(s): 5
DevPost URL: Match Systems | Devpost
Project Goal:
In today’s world, the use of cryptocurrencies involves high profits and high risks associated with the inability to track incidents involving them promptly. Our company’s mission is to create a secure environment for cryptocurrency holders and participants in the cryptocurrency business.

The quality of data supplied by data providers is one of the main factors in the effective implementation of blockchain analytics. Timely replenishment and maintenance of up-to-date information about marked addresses in various blockchains significantly increases the level of AML verification and allows you to take appropriate measures to reduce risks.

Our project helps to fight and prevent:

  • E-crimes (ransom, DDoS, blackmail, scams, phishing, etс.)
  • Money laundering
  • Illegal exchanges and financial crimes
  • Involvement in terrorism/extremism.

Project Info :

Match Systems allows all key players in the market to assess the risks of specific transactions, counteract money laundering, and address emerging risks in a timely manner.

Our ABC-control database is focused on collecting and marking addresses involved in illegal activities on the darknet. The result of cooperation with our project is the protection of the business from high-risk actions of users and counterparties.

We have a database that contains more than 90% unique addresses or these addresses were previously incorrectly marked up by other analyzers. We have managed to achieve technical advance due to technologies that allow us to find information that other analyzers cannot find. We can react ahead of the curve and prevent risks that other analyzers can only analyze after the fact.

We already have:

  • 46+ million records of illegal activities with cryptocurrency
  • 500 000+ crypto addresses with confirmed connection to illegal activity
  • 500+ addresses are added to the database daily 24/7 by the team of data analysts and specialists with experience in the crypto industry since 2015

Match Systems Advantages:

  • Effective ways of collecting data for analysis, including location and occupation
  • Proprietary data collection algorithms
  • Strong government relations and support, deep understanding of markets: LATAM, CIS, Asia, etc.
  • Every address has evidence of involvement in high-risk activity
    tailored data sources
  • Active network of trusted data providers around the world allows us to conduct effective OSINT
  • Our proactive work allows us to pre-mark potentially dangerous addresses

What we are propose for TRON:

  • Collection and label of TRON addresses from open and private sources
  • Further analytics (risk scoring, clustering)
  • Own TRON Node with real-time analytics
  • Open-source AML TRON explorer with API and our markup & clustering
  • Visualization of links between addresses and owners
  • API for receive consolidated data in detailed reports

Project Materials:

Project Milestones:

Q3-Q4 2022 Clustering and risc scoring of the Bitcoin and TRON blockchain addresses
Q1-Q2 2023 AML platform testing and improving - web interface, API, dashboard. First pilots with the clients.
Q2-Q3 2023 Visualization and investigation module development, AML officer cusom dashboard. Automation of the mechanism for collecting addresses markup.
Q3-Q4 2023 Further integration of the existing blockchains to the current AML platform - ETH like, Avalanche, Binance smart chain.


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