Match Systems - implementation of compliance procedures for cryptocurrency projects (DeFi, Exchanges)

Project Name: Match Systems
Project Track: DeFi
Team Member(s): 5
DevPost URL: Match Systems | Devpost
Project Goal:
Our ABC-control database is focused on collecting and marking addresses involved in illegal activities on the darknet. The result of cooperation with our project is the protection of the business from high-risk actions of users and counterparties.

Today, the quality of data supplied by data providers is one of the main factors in the effective implementation of blockchain analytics. Timely replenishment and maintenance of up-to-date information about marked addresses in various blockchains significantly increases the level of AML verification and allows you to take appropriate measures to reduce risks.

Project Info:
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Project Milestones:
Q2-Q3 2022 - Project creation, initial data collection and R&D
Q3-Q4 2022 - Platform development and testing, integration of first clients (DeFi, exchanges, wallets, B2C)
Q1-Q2 2023 - Scaling, R&D of the clustering and risk scoring algorithms, improved mechanism for collecting data from open/closed sources
Q2-Q4 2023 - Cross-chain analytics, interface for visualization of crypto-investigations.