MWF - Metaverse Weapons Factory - MWF is the first NFT weapons minter ready for The Metaverse

Project Name: MWF


Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: MWF team

Team Member(s): 5

VR Game Demo

Project Goal:

MWF is the first NFT weapons minter ready for The Metaverse

Project Info and details


In this World, anything is possible. Live a new life.

But in this world, you could get hurt, you could get robbed, you could get killed.

It’s complete chaos, protect Yourself!

What is MWF’s vision:

People will need weapons to protect themselves in the Metaverse

Project Milestones:

  • AK47 3D Generator

  • AK47 first test generation

  • AR 3D preview

  • VR game beta: shoot some NPC

Detailed roadmap for the Hackathon:

We will deliver

  • NFT portability to TRON

The graphics looks great.
But one thing, aside the game being fun to play, will players be earning something substantial to make them quit other games to play yours.

Waiting for more updates to understand the mechanism u will be employing to make it not only fun but rewarding.

Thank you

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As a gamer myself i can only be positive to see something gaming related here.

I would like to find some more information about the game, the team, is there a more advanced roadmap,…?

The gun looks great, good graphics and those “pay taxes” … that was hilarious :joy: liked the video haha

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Gaming is getting interesting, looking forward to seeing this come up

Hola, parece un buen juego con buenos gráficos. Suerte