New game for airdrop 👀

After Hamster kombat, here is City Holder. Let’s have some fun :partying_face::grin:


tap to earn soldier :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have some to share




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Tappers Fc :joy: hmmm are you aware that there is 2 yescoin factory :joy: please DYOR

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Not sure it’s a tapper. Haven’t figured out what it is yet :rofl:

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hahahaha OK brother

We should build one major group in every tap game around telegram :heart:

First bounty in a TRX Tap Game would be like:

Join 1/3/5/10 TronixTapGroups :smiley:

Would love to see something around TRX like Hyper in a Tronix MetaVerse style :sunglasses:

Hey @fabsltsa, we want to definitely try it. Could you provide us info about game please??

Looks like for now it’s just a ref page and the game will launch later. I don’t have much info actually. Just got the link from a tronic and figured out I would share it here.

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Subject: Urgent Assistance Required to Recover Hacked Account

Dear TronScan Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to urgently request your assistance in recovering my TRON account, which has been compromised.

Recently, I discovered that my account, has been connected to a wallet, without my authorization. I have been a victim of fraud and did not perform any of the transactions associated with this account.

Tronscan can’t really do anything actually. It’s just an explorer and blockchains are decentralized.

Better move what’s left to an other wallet and pay attention to never connect to random dapps

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Your account was connected to wallet or dapp. sorry?