Pre Selection + Judging Criteria + Favourite Final Projects

Hello All!

What an absolutely incredible Season it has been thus far! Each and every one of us has made remarkable progress compared to the last season.

As we approach the announcement of the Pre Selection results and the Voting period, I wanted to initiate this discussion thread to delve into the extraordinary projects of this season.

While all the projects are undeniably fantastic in their own unique ways, it is crucial that we take a more comprehensive approach when evaluating them. And the most effective way to achieve that is by assessing each project according to the Judging criteria.

The Judging criteria are:

  • Originality & Creativity - How novel and innovative is the idea? Does it set out to do something unique or at least improve existing models?
  • Technicality & Design - What is tech like? Is it user-friendly and does it have comprehensive and efficient features? Is it designed to scale?
  • Business Model & Feasibility - What is the value proposition and how does it set out to differentiate itself? How will it capture the market and/or generate revenue?
  • Usability - What is the user experience like? Is it clean and intuitive such that users not familiar with blockchain can easily interact with the program?
  • Practicality & Use Case - Is this something the community would actually use and want? Will the idea have an impact on the crypto community?
  • Contribution to the Crypto Ecosystem - How does your idea increase crypto adoption, value for its users, and innovation in the field of blockchain? Does it welcome new users and help existing users?

Please feel free to share your favorite projects that excel according to these criteria!

P.S. A big shout-out to the developers for crafting such remarkable platforms for all of us. Now that all the hard work has been done, I strongly encourage you to explore all the projects and share your thoughts. There is so much to learn beyond the confines of our IDEs when we closely observe what others have built!


Thankyou for the info

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I have checked all the projects out, and i have written down all those i will vote for a week ago. But i will still go through the categories one after the one and if some other project skipped my list but has prospect for the future, i will now have to make a decision.

This season is super heated and i love all what has been presented. May the best come out victorious


After going through all the projects , I am certainly going to vote for my favourite projects


En el momento de la votación cada uno debe tener unos favoritos los cuales se denominan así porque te aportan algo como usuario, aparte de beneficiar a la comunidad.

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સાચી વાત છે. દરેક વપરાશકર્તા પાસે તેમના વ્યક્તિગત દ્રષ્ટિકોણથી પણ તેમના પોતાના મનપસંદ પ્રોજેક્ટ હશે. ઉદાહરણ તરીકે, સંહિતાDAO મારા મનપસંદમાંનું એક છે કારણ કે તેણે મને અહેસાસ કરાવ્યો છે કે જો હું તેની જાળવણી માટે સક્રિય રીતે કામ નહીં કરું તો મારી ભાષા ટૂંક સમયમાં નાશ પામશે. :slight_smile:


That’s great! I would love to know your favourite ones.


I have no doubts that you would have gone through each project in detail :slight_smile:

Enlighten us all with your thoughts on your favourite projects :pray: :pray: :pray:

No problem! :blush: :blush: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Good information… Thanks for that.

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I have voted for now and may make changes in the coming days. It was very enjoyable :anger:

Thank you for this information