Problem deploying to the BTTC Donau test net

Hi :slight_smile: we’ve been trying to deploy our smart contracts for hours to the BTTC Donau test net but it throws back an error.
Can we use the Goerli test net instead of BTTC for the hackathon?
Any help and solution will be appreciated as we’re in a fix.


@support.hackathon @admin.hackathon mgiht be able to help you.


Thank you :smiley: . But I can’t message @admin.hackathon so…


Hi Oracle, yes you may use ETH Goerli testnet as long as it is on BTTC.
You may check here for documentation on connecting - BTTC Testnet Configuration | BitTorrent-Chain Developer Documentation

@support.hackathon May also help you out too. Please list out the exact error message you get and tag @support.hackathon if you need further help. Thanks!


Same Problem here!
I’ll go with Goerli!

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If you tag them in the forum they get a ping on their account. No need to DM.

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Thank you for the feedback. We were finally able to deploy it on the Donau test net.

Congratulations :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

This is really a good question for a way forward

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yeaa, did u solve this problem buddy ??