QuestArcade - relaxing and more relaxing is just a click away

Just in case you say “I don’t have much time, let me take a look for a minute”, our video is online:

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I love the bright colors being employed in the UI of the website, kudos on this and keep building.

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It looks like your platform can only be accessed only on desktop

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I don’t know why it’s showing me this

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Obviously we should use desktop. That why you see that


I like it because of the colors thank you for tagging me

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@Chizz We try to build all the games and animations we use on our site entirely on CSS and JS. For this reason, we need to make every new page responsive.

As we stated in the milestones, we plan to bring a responsive view and app for mobile after completing a certain number of games and subpage designs on the desktop. We’ll inform you when it becomes ready.

@manfred_jr @ines_valerie happy to hear that your nice words. Thanks a lot

Kudos to you on this. I enjoyed spending some time on your platform and expecting for more thrilling experience :clap: