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Project Name: SaTT
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: SaTT
Team Member(s): 40
GitHub: SaTT Wallet ยท GitHub

Project Goal

SaTT intends to lead the SocialFi revolution by disrupting the Web2 advertising model. With a simple and user-friendly solution, SaTT aims to eliminate the middlemen by enabling a direct relationship between brands, communities, and every social media user.

Who can benefit from SaTT?

  • Using SaTT AdPools, any brand or project willing to launch a marketing campaign for their products could reward influencers, communities, and people, in return for advertising their product.

  • Anyone can monetize their audience on social media by spreading the word about brands or projects they love by simply posting and joining an AdPool.

We call it Post2Earn, SaTT Post2Earn is as simple as copying and pasting a link. Just post, farm, harvest, and enjoy earnings.

AdPools are governed by smart contracts that allow ad transactions to be instant and automatic.

Oracles track and certify the postsโ€™ performance (number of views, number of shares, etc.).

Currently, the six following oracles are available:

  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

Project Info and details


The SaTT team has been part of the social media industry for a few for many years.

Founded by Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement in 2014, Atayen - the parent company - has proven its worth by deploying Facebook applications that have conquered 4 million different brands and many celebrities.

Atayen was founded by Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement in 2014.

Gauthier BROS, an entrepreneur and Facebook app developer since 2010, created the first live stream solution on Facebook in 2010 with his friend Geoffrey Moya, who notably developed Iframe Apps, an application suite to upgrade Facebook pages.

Stรฉphanie Clรฉment started her development journey back in 2007. She also participated in developing Iframe Apps, then co-founded Atayen in 2014 and became later CTO.

What is SaTTโ€™s vision:

The SATT platform is where influencers and brands collaborate to create value for customers by bridging between web2 and web3 to ensure a more inclusive social media usage that benefits both sides. This collaboration is a way to reduce malvertisements and privacy concerns. It will help us to take back control over our data and rebuild a decentralized system.

SaTTโ€™s marketing solution has no equivalent on the crypto market and web2. It allows users to farm their social media based on the performance and interaction generated by their posts.

SaTT is for everyone: whether it is brands or projects that wish to promote their business/products or social media users who want to earn a return on their posts.

SaTT offers the benefit of this Post2Earn innovation to everyone.

SaTT smart contracts are Multichain and MultiToken. They currently support any coin or token on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, BitTorrent Chain, and Polygon.

However, to make it an even more innovative and accessible blockchain-based solution to all, SaTT will strengthen its multichain strategy.

Dapp Centre Review

Project Milestones


Pre-ICO Launch 400k raised 24h
SaTT Wallet Creation


Oracles Release: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Advertising Smart Contract Alpha Release (ERC20 only)
SaTT Wallet Alpha Release

Firsts 10 YouTube Test Ad Pools


ICO completed $7.1M

SaTT Smart Contract V0.9 Release (ERC20 only)
SaTT Smart Contract Audit
Bitcoin and ERC20 available on SaTT wallet
SaTT First Listing on 3 Exchanges
Temporary centralized solution to test the DApp (without Ethereum fees, way too expensives for our usecase)


SaTT Smart Contract BEP20
SaTT Wallet First Acces Bรชta
Twitter Oracle V0.9
Advertising Smart Contract V2
The Graph Implementation
SaTT Wallet V1


YouTube Oracle V2
Instagram Oracle V2
Facebook Oracle V2
SaTT Wallet Open Source Version
LinkedIn Oracle
TikTok Oracle
New business model full deflationary
Blue ticker and CoinmarketCap airdrop


SaTT Wallet Multichain Compatibility (TRX/BTT/Polygon/BEP20/ERC20)
10 more oracles (telegram/VK/Pinterest/google analitycs/ shopify/wordpressโ€ฆ)
CPA fonction on oracles
SaTT Connect Module as fbconnect
Third party Wallet Connect - SaTT / Metamask / Coinbase Connect
Publisher Tools - Automated Generated Content
Scoring System for SocialMedia Accounts
IA selection - Anti Cheat / Anti Fraud Algorithm

Detailed roadmap for the Hackathon

We will deliver

SaTT on TRX Chain + Bridge
SaTT on BTT Chain + Bridge
SaTT Wallet Compatibility With TRX Chain
SaTT Wallet Compatibility With BTT Chain

TRX Chain Ad Pool
BTT Chain Ad Pool

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social network will be a good investment

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The idea of the project is great, all the best to you

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Whatโ€™s new from season 2? It should be clear according to the rules

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Nice to see you here again.
I hope this time too you have a nice project for us
Good luck
Keep building

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Will be executed during the hackathon

SaTT on TRX Chain + Bridge
SaTT on BTT Chain + Bridge

10 more oracles (telegram/VK/Pinterest/google analitycs/ shopify/wordpressโ€ฆ)
CPA fonction on oracles
SaTT Connect Module as fbconnect
Third party Wallet Connect - SaTT / Metamask / Coinbase Connect
Publisher Tools - Automated Generated Content
Scoring System for Social Media Accounts
IA selection - Anti Cheat / Anti Fraud Algorithm

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Yes, more than that you can earn without invest

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