Security Tips- Back Up Your Seed Words Properly (Part 2

Good day family, we continue from where we ended yesterday.

Backing up your seed phrase is very important.

But storing your plaintext seed phrase on your pc comes with additional risk. When someone get access to your pc, he or she can steal all your crypto.

A person could do this by physically having access to your PC or by infecting your computer with malware. Either way, it’s a good idea to make sure only encrypted copies of your seed words are on your PC, which means no screenshots or notepad files.

Unless you are using a hardware wallet, there will be a copy of your seed words in a special file called a “key vault.” This file will allow you to make transactions without entering your seed words each time.

Unlike a plaintext file, your key vault is encrypted with a password. Even if an attacker gets a hold of it, they’ll open the file to find a bunch of useless gibberish. This is a lot safer than storing the file in plaintext.

To recap seed words, keep the following security measures in mind:

  • Back up your seed words on a physical piece of paper.

  • Keep the backup in a safe place where it can’t catch fire or get water damage.

  • Don’t keep plaintext copies or screenshots of your seed words on your PC.

  • Keep the location of your physical backup a secret.

  • If your device crashes, then use your seed words to recover your accounts.

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Thanks for the security tip for our crypto …

Yes, I said earlier that.
I don’t recommend saving seedphrases on computer (pc)

Its can be hijacked or hacked to get your seed phrase.

Additionally, there are spyware that can copy your word phrases , thus putting you at risk of lossing funds.

As Cz of Binance will say.



Thanks for keeping us informed.

Shorter version is here

Storing your seed phrase on your PC can be risky due to physical or malware attacks. Encrypted copies in a key vault are safer. Back up your seed phrase on paper, keep it safe, and keep its location a secret. Use the seed phrase to recover accounts if needed.

Thanks for the tips, I use to keep my seed words on my phone in plain text but I’ve since changed everything and it’s now secured.

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I just hope which ever way or method you choose to store or save your speed phrase is safe with you