Last week, we had some amazing news about crypto and some bad news too.
Over $200k worth of crypto stolen from various wallet.

This time, the hackers were able to a different plan to generate some seed phrases.
According to investigations from Klever, some old wallets’ seed phrases lack randomness and this is the caused of what happened.

Please you are advice to do this;

and also make sure to take note of this;

You are your own bank So try everything possible to be your own security personnel.

:closed_lock_with_key: Never share your seed phrase
:closed_lock_with_key:Do well to change your wallet once a while (Download new wallet to get new seed phrase) and transfer your crypto :ok_hand:


I don’t know why am still lazy to create a new wallet, thank you anyway for the info, I will try as soon as possible


Lol that’s how billionaires behave

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Thank you Our Tron Dao Chief Crypto Security Officer.

This information is power

Feels good to know that
With Dex … we are in charge of our funds.

So we should absolute care of it…


Hahaha :rofl: billionaire know themselves, should I mention names? :rofl:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: no don’t they want to remain anonymous

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Are you sure they want to remain anonymous or 20% pump exposure? :joy:

Why are you one?

Let’s know ooh

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List of Billionaire we have in our most


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Nice idea I must say

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Maybe you are not being lazy, you’re just waiting for the launch of the NRG wallet just like so many of us in this space :laughing::laughing:

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Yes, I am one of the Billionaires because I hold Billions of SafeMoneyTRX and $SHIT tokens :joy::joy::joy:

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Very good one.
Waiting to unleash his
Millions Tron into the NGR WALLET.

I said it…
Yes… I don’t need to see prophecy before I said …
You one crypto billionaire I know

Hmmm one of what :joy:, someone is tempting me

Exposure Episode 1 is coming soon :soon: stay tuned :joy:

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: they beg please

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Request for my wallet address and you will be saved :joy:

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bribery and corruption man lol

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Circulation supply :joy:

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