Protect Yourself From the CryptoShuffle Trojan. ⚠️

Hello Tronics, still on the Crypto Security Awareness, I’m sharing this with us so we don’t get to be VICTIM to this trick.

Hackers using copy/paste issue to steal crypto - what can you do to protect yourself?
This is been latest questions to ask in times like this.

Russian based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has warned owners of crypto that their coins are not safe even in private wallets. I will now ask where else should we run to? @Prince-Onscolo

A new trojan called CryptoShuffler is stealing coins right from under the noses of users by replacing wallet addresses on a user’s clipboard as they copy and paste wallet data for transfers.

No wallet is safe because the trojan utilizes the clipboard function on computers.

The trojan has already caused a substantial amount of damage in just a short time, though the cyber researchers believe the trojan has been working for perhaps a year or more. Per Kaspersky:

  • Protect yourself-
    The most basic way to protect yourself is to carefully compare the address you’ve inputted after copying. Carefully checking wallet addresses for every transaction should keep your funds safe.

The trojan developers know that the normal process is simply to copy, paste and send, without carefully checking the address. For this reason, Kaspersky is warning users to take special precautions.

Users are advised to utilize an antivirus and anti-malware system in order to detect and remove malicious programs. As the crypto world continues to grow, risks will continue to increase, and owners will need to be vigilant to protect their funds.


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How to Protect Yourself From the CryptoShuffle Trojan


Thanks for the informations.
I always compare after copy paste address, but I thought I was paranoid. Actually it was a good idea :joy:


Yes very important to check and confirm before pasting address…


Have you had any experience of sending Crypto to wrong address before?

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For those of us who dont have enough coins like @fabsltsa.

We even write out the letters of the address one by one. If the trojan can beat that, i want to see it try.

Me not knowing how to code is a big problem for the crypto space. Cos there are alot of problem in the space that needs solving and solving these will definitely bring more cash to the builder.

But man dont have the technical know how.

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Writing/, trying the address letters and numbers lines by line, could beat that.

But I know of something similar to replace that.
Something like BTC.domain, Tron domain name.
Where users can exchange crypto with shorten
Registered names wallet address instead of the usual long wallet address.

Bro, survival in this crypto space without a developing or
Coding skills this era could be frustrating.


hehehehe you are saying it is a new virus?

I still have this virus on my office PC since last year after installing new windows. Thanks for sharing I made a tweet on this for solution last year.

thank God, i haven’t seen one on my laptop and my phones too

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Ops, so you have survived this Crypto virus?
Please would appreciate it if you can share the solution with us.

This can safe a soul .

I still don’t have a solution. I have stop using that pc for crypto related stuffs. do you remember I sent nft from that palm tree project on tron. They used to have some goat nfts. I did a giveaway for them and after getting the winner I copied the winners address for the project and it was replaced with a scammer address so I had to buy a new nft for the winner


I have seen so many crypto hacks except what happened in klever recently so most of times what I share are personal experiences

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I have seen this virus, address poisoning, crypto dust, malware installation, phishing site , watch mode wallet and others


Oh the best solution is to AVOID INFECTED DEVICES
Just like you did.

About the experience you shared from Palm t/ goat nfts.
That was some lost. Did you relate with the team then?

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So they were going around asking people to do a giveaway for them. What pain me was I did this giveaway freely and had to buy a new one with my own money

Menh your experience is Much, The name worth the Prince.

I know you have shared more of your experience.
And this has been a lesson or open eye to some persons
Thst had read, and those that will be reading later.

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Yes, I understand,
It’s turned out that your assistance
To help market the Nft…
You suffered some losses.


Exactly :joy::joy::joy:

And they are nowhere to be found too :joy:

Hahaha not easy


Not easy at.
Trying to help in Crypto… Could be lost
You stay on your own… could still be lost

Crypto why?

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Thanks for the information, the space requires extra careful

We should also avoid downloading all these malicious apps ,…E:g Mining :pick: apps
Alot of free mining stuff are very poisonous

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Yeah I still remember bro, it was around last year,… gentle reminder :bell: adding prayers to our crypto journey, is a new sure plug :electric_plug: :joy::joy:


Lols, In my early days of my Crypto, I fell into downloading
Some no need MINING FREE APPS.

I had lots of them, that gave my poor device high temperature.
But I was lucky, I never ran through hacks or scams.

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You think domain is safer? :joy:
When hardware is not 97%