Scam alert- Security 🔐

We have been noticed that, people wallets are being drained.

I have had to report from two klever wallet users and one from mathwallet.

One confirmed that wallet was linked to unstoppable domain so he suspect the hacker used that to get in. Kindly check your wallet especially EVM supported wallets and also if you have unstoppable domain linked to your evm address.

These scammers are busy working to spot loose holes to get our hard earned crypto. Let’s stay safe and share with our friends and family.

Thank you


From the Office of our
Trondao forum, Chief security officer.
Thanks for sharing with us.

The hacking and hacking rate
Comes with increasing sophisticated method.

We all need this awareness to be safe


we have people learning every day to put others lives in danger, that’s pure wickedness.

from the tweet I shared, he do not touch that walker so now you don’t have to connect your wallet to a suspicious site to get scammed


Big act of wickedness from group of people devoting
Their skills in putting riping the sweat of another in this crypto space…

Could be group of individuals, sponsored or not.

This Hacking method is shocking.
So one doesn’t need to connect wallet … Boom.
You can be drained… Its getting scaring

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hmmm waiting for the report to know the cause of this, if truly it is from this domain then we have to stop using it

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Off course yes we seriously need it so we can be safe from hackers.

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I know of this guy on twitter that has been
Showing good proof of hacks, scams, rugpull and all of that.

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oh cool, nice nice i will follow him

He is worth the follow.
I do go through to tweet to see
How he trace source of hacks
And where there fund heading to

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It’s sad that the effort that exchanges put to secure people’s asset seems as a waste because these hackers are doubling their efforts to rip people of with new strategies everyday.

One needs to be very careful with the links he/ she clicks to avoid stories that touches the heart.

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Sure bro and here is the case nobody clicked on link, unused wallet being drained

It still boils down to what i was saying before that they come with new trick and strategies.

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It’s getting scary,… these guys always invent new tricks to drain people their hard earned sweat,… exchange aren’t safe then are you telling me that Decentralized wallet is no longer safe too? Where is safe now? Village or where?

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:joy::joy::joy: recently too we had some cases from some hardware wallet users (I do not remember the name) ledger or so so no where cool

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Even hardware? Hmmm case closed… straight to village :joy:

Start digging a hole and put your money inside :crazy_face::rofl::rofl:

Bank to piggy bank ways :joy::joy::joy:.

Oh yeah savings box era again

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New update :rotating_light::bangbang::bell:

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