Can we report a scam and get to block the wallet of the scamer?

Hey, me and a lot (i mean a really big number) of people have been scamed, the site was called likeytb2018 and it was the clasical Ponzi scheme, today the owner pushed the button and made the rugpull, but i’ve been tracking the money and it is still there, in a wallet, can we do something about it?


The word here is decentralized. No one can do much about it, unless you know the guy’s identity and report to authorities

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The only thing you could do is inform the exchanges so they block those funds.
However probably no exchange will really care much and your money is lost 100% of course.

Sorry for your loss.


Straight to the point. Nice.


Yep…happens to the best of us. I had my own bad experience.


if the name or project seems sus, its better to not engage with it. There are some obvious ones which you can easily notice but if they do seem legit, probably do a bit of research to be safe.

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