A question about such sites

This site took everything in the wallet from me and I did not give it permission please. Can you explain to me because I do not understand how it did that

This site is a scam site. They lure you in and when you interact with the smart contract it withdraws all your funds because you signed the authorization to do so.

#1 Scam on all blockchains


If you are investing in somthing check smart Contarct audit report. If it doesn’t have audit check contarct on tronscan and do some research.

Don’t run behind 1% daily returns… Use official ways to earn like justlend,sun.io…

I suggest every project to have audit or open source code so users or investor’s can trust project.

Check this : Scammers are creating new fraudulent Crypto Tokens and misconfiguring smart contract’s to steal funds - Check Point Research


I understood from the link you sent, thank you and I also understood that I will not get the money :person_facepalming: They are using software for evil I hope they can devise a way to protect them