Your biggest Lost in Crypto?

Happy weekend Tronics,
On today’s post I will open the floor for us to share our sad estimate of our biggest crypto Lost in Dollar $ valuation. ( Lost could be from Trading, airdrop hunting, scams or hacks and others)

Not only that, share with us, how you survived after the lost, lesson learnt, cause this can help console newbies that may be a victim of Crypto lost.

As usual, I wil use the voting system.
What’s the biggest loss you’ve experienced in your crypto trading journey?

  • < $500
  • < $1,000
  • < $2,000
  • < $5,000
  • < $10,000
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Let the sharing begins.
Happy weekend everyone
Together we sTRONger


lost more than $1000 since 2018
From icenter bot on telegram to my trust wallet wipe

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Nice, interesting and educative topic buddy.:clap:

Hmm, like so much, how did you survive after?

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What your input on this? You got something to share

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oh the fact that I have been scammed that’s not mean that’s the end of me bro. I didn’t say 1 million dollars :joy::joy:

Oh I get the real gist, so if it was $1m loss that would be qualified for the end of the world?

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maybe but who knows :joy::joy::joy: would have helped me recover

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Hahahha, as per backup funds marker

,$50k last year on fantom

Oh my goodness, how did that happen?
Sorry about the loss, huge,
Any lesson learnt to share?


Honestly, never save wallets on on clouds space or email, and i was procrastinating to move the funds to my ledger, on how it happened email address got hacked.

Weird enough the hack is still active, because the funds are actually locked in fantom, and using one wallet across all blockchains.

Yeah, so i keep my wallets offline on and change from time to time and never put funds in one wallet

Oh, by saving wallet on cloud or email, you mean the seed phrases or private keys?
My friends saving Wallet on email should see this.

Oh that was a hard time for you after the hack.

Yes, most recommend ledgers, and cold wallet strongly.
Yes, maybe an habits of change any interval just like relocating from one apartment to another.

Thanks for this Information and advise, it helpful

@both, lucky my ledger seed was on the seed card,

Yeah was, but moved past it and learned to keep my wallets offline.

Or you can jus have a wallet that never more then $1000. Change sometimes get boring , its clear your browser and forget your favorite website https

Sure, 24 phase wallet is better, even more. 12 is really just for trading and changing it every few months.

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oh that’s huge
sorry, I believe you have learned the hard way and now staying alert

If anyone has lost money in crypto, it is important to take some time to heal and recover.
Talk to someone you trust about what happened. Also there are so many online forums and support groups where you can connect with other people who have lost money in crypto.

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These day’s i dont trust any email i don’t know, i jus deleted. Or anything github repository


Very good you grew passed it,
Lols, change of wallet periodically can be stressful

Please do you mean 24 seed phrase wallet more secure than 12 word seed phrase?.

You have any Reason to explain this?

Bro, it’s not easy as said tho.
There are some losses that I had, I couldn’t tell anyone.
Example buying out of FOMO and selling at low.

Only me held the pains cause if I want to say it out, I can’t tell who lost million DOLLARS and still laughing… lols

Nothing much from this group, cause it will be full of lament and complaint… especially if it a general loses from scam or rugpulls


I don’t really know exact amount I have lost in crypto both in trading or investing in some new projects that have almost send me back to the village, … did I have to mention some dips I think am buying in form of DCA but they turned back at me and swollen my neck :joy:, alots of story bro , I can’t finish it in 2 weeks

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