GM Tronics,
Today let get to learn, share ideas and experiences about trading bot, to start with:-

  • What is a crypto trading bot?

A crypto trading bot is a software program that automates trading tasks, such as selecting, buying and selling a crypto based on specific parameters set by the bot’s programmer or creator.

  • How does a crypto trading bot work?

Crypto trading bots need to churn data from exchanges, generate trading signals from them, calculate the risk involved and then execute a trade. This applies to buy
or sell trades and is repeated for every instance where crypto trading bot interacts with a crypto exchange.

  • How successful are crypto trading bots?

Both paid or free, crypto trading bots should be selected based on data regarding historical performance, the credibility of the bot’s creator and the reviews of people who have used it before.

While there are many free and paid crypto trading bots available, it is important to understand how these bots perform the tasks their advocates promise.

For a crypto trading bot to deliver positive returns on a net basis, it must execute trades with lightning-fast speeds and have zero or negligible errors in its code.

  • Are crypto trading bots legal and safe?

While crypto trading bots are legal and widely used by institutional investors, many fake or poorly coded bots are being sold to unassuming investors by anonymous bot creators.
Being legal is not the same as being safe

  • How much does a crypto trading bot cost,
    and are they worth it?

Most popular crypto trading bots are
offered for free, they do come with associated
costs, such as trading commissions and
withdrawal fees, that need to be evaluated
before proceeding.

When choosing a crypto trading bot, investors need to weigh the pros and cons of “free” crypto trading bots compared to those that charge a flat monthly or annual
subscription fee.

Here is our interactive questions.

  • Are you are fan of trading bot?
  • Share your experiences of the ones you had?
  • Advice for trading bot users?

Do have a lovely day.

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Thanks for sharing, all the same am not a fan/party to a trading bot


Oh really, guess I have seen a support
On my side

We both not a fan of trading bot.
Do you have your special reason??

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not a fun of trading bots so i will leave this for the bot traders
happy Sunday to you all


All good.
Another one person in my support.of
Not in fan of bot trading

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Bot might misbehave :joy: and do what not told to do, not all though


I have storyline to share
About story line.

Hope you will not laugh

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Here is the storyline about experience with trading bot.

There was this group on Telegram
That this trading bot was trending,

They made me feel I was missing out.
Because I didn’t understand a thing.

Each day’s PINNED post was, don’t sleep on
This latest trading bot in town.

Since it was subscribed trading bot.
Lots of persons went into it.

The trading bot did perfectly for few months,
When I made up my mind to get referral link
To start my own trading, the subscription fees
Got increased.

Later, I saw announcement post like.


The bot was gone just like that?

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Welcome to Tron Dao forum.

Yes buddy.
The trading bot… Went under maintenance
Till traders funds went side ways

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Welcome to the TronDao forum community, feel free to interact :handshake:

I have never been a fan of trading bots. I get phobia leaving my funds in the fate of a programmed bot that can crash at anytime. I rather loss out on trades I made myself than leaving my fund to fate. Though what I once tried is copy trading but not in crypto, rather in forex.


Lols.good to have your contribution.
All good to share too.

Same with me my brother, not a fan.
I haven’t finished trusting human trading for me
Not me a fan of trading bot.

I’m not saying it 100% not good, we still have
Some persons making some buck for it.


Hola, si he utilizado Bots para probar en inversión de futuros, la traducción en mi experiencia no me gustan, al final siempre acabo cerrando yo las operaciones.

I understand, seems the experience at
Then of trading bot is not always good enough


what did say
He is a great trader :joy::joy::joy:
Ask him he might be using bots to trade :joy::joy:


I’m expecting your shared experiences
Hope say trading bot haven’t done you dirty?

Also I’m expecting @Nana66419 to
Share trading bot experiences, advice and


not a fan of that…
Nana was a fan but don’t know if he still uses them


Seems I have read
From a bot trader fan yet.

But it okay,
You have any Reason, you not a fan?
Or any advice you could share??


Mmm I do not trade often.
I am a hodler, I only sell when I reached my target or need something… I do spot trading only