Crypto jacking and how it works

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Still on CRYPTO EDUCATION, today I prepared this
Topic to help us get awareness on how to be safe from crypto scamming methods and manipulation.

To start with, Here is an intro video to watch

In summary here is

  • Cryptojacking is a type of cybercrime where a criminal secretly uses a victim’s computing power to generate cryptocurrency.

  • How it works: Cryptojacking malware is typically installed on a victim’s device through a malicious link in an email, a drive-by download, or a compromised website.

Once installed, the malware will start mining cryptocurrency in the background, using the victim’s computing power without their knowledge or consent.

  • Impact: Cryptojacking can have a significant impact on a victim’s device, causing it to run slower, overheat, and drain battery life. In some cases, cryptojacking can even lead to data loss or system crashes.

  • Prevention: There are a number of steps that can be taken to prevent cryptojacking, including:
    Using a security solution that includes anti-malware protection.
    Keeping your operating system and software up to date.

Being careful about what links you click on and what files you download.
Using a VPN when browsing the web.

Cryptojacking is a growing problem, and it is important to be aware of the risks. By taking steps to protect your devices, you can help to prevent becoming a victim of this crime.

  • Types of cryptojacking: There are two main types of cryptojacking:

(a) web browser-based and host-based.

Web browser-based cryptojacking involves embedding malicious code in a website or advertisement that is then executed by the victim’s browser when they visit the site.

(b) Host-based cryptojacking involves installing malware on the victim’s device that runs in the background and mines cryptocurrency without their knowledge.

  • Cryptocurrencies targeted: Cryptojacking can be used to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero. However, Bitcoin is the most commonly targeted cryptocurrency, as it is the most valuable.

Please let’s share our experiences on
Fake bitcoin mining site.


oh thank you, this is my first time seeing this. Thanks bro
very helpful


You welcome
I will be part of this
Crypto security campaign
Creating awareness .

I believe have had experience this once or more
In our Crypto experience.

Especially the BTC mining
When we first started crypto.


Thank you sir, this reminds me about Free Bitcoin by signing up with just your mail and also earn by refferal then if you want to increase your hashrate you to pay for your preferred package :joy:, this is rampant around 2020,…mehn if you don’t control your greed in this space these scammers will suck your blood to stupor :joy:

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Lols, sharing experience with us here.

Around 2020, I got new into Crypto.
I met some friends then that shared me BTC MINING links.

All be saying… Using my referral link to mine BTC and make money.

The BTC names were so funny, but out of novies experience… I had to join mining.

I keep doing that. Having my poor device burn out and over worked…
Only for me to find out.
All mined not even up to $1.

I began learning about how btc mining works.

In nutshell, during that novies stage…

But now we know what crypto jacking.
It saves us the extra stress of putting or resources into vulnerability of hacks or scams

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The small/low device you were managing will be hitting up yet no tangeable SATs will come out, one of the legit mining I have come accros then is crypto Tab , but you will mine the hell :fire: out of your phone :joy: unless you have a solid PC

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Lols, my brother, you could imagine the mining seriousness then.

Yes, I got to realised mining required investment, strong pc and others.

So from they experience.
I totally dislike Crypto mining that is called free

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Some free things might drain you

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Very helpful article. Thanks for contributing in crypto security with your security posts

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This is very helpful
This is the first time of me heard about cypto jacking. I would make a personal research about it to. Thank you @Gordian for bringing this to limelight.

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You welcome Buddy.
Here we learn everyday
So from the explanation of crypto jacking, do you think or feel you have been victim of it??

First time I hear about that :grimacing: That’s actually smart. Using other people computing power to mine. Thanks for the heads up.

You welcome @fabsltsa , me too when I made into Crypto jacking, I felt it’s my first time on it.
That goes as far to tell me.
We learn everyday, and Tron Dao forum is one big place to learn.

Reading about Crypto jacking , I later felt maybe we have once or twice been a victim… Especially the BTC mining.

Do you think you have been victim of Crypto jacking?
After learning from this?

Nop, I would be surprised if it has been the case.

Lols, from my end, I could say… Maybe have been a victim of Crypto jacking… In my early days of Crypto journey.

If I’m asked how?
Via free BTC BTC mining apps

i think i am cryptojacked, my phone is always overheating and also the battery i always running low. or its just charger problems i am facing. maybe i am overthinking here :joy: :joy: :joy:

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